Apex Legends Season 13: All Battle Pass Rewards

Apex Legends Season 13: All Battle Pass Rewards

Apex Legends Season 13 has arrived and so has a brand new Battle Pass packed with rewards. Here are all the Battle Pass rewards you can get in Season 13 Saviors.

Apex Legends Season 13 is now live and it is filled with new things and changes. As with every new season, Apex Legends Season 13 also arrives with its shiny new Battle Pass, containing both free and paid rewards.

The developers have made some major changes to the ranking system as well as nerfed and buffed several in-game weapons to balance the game. The Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass, as usual, is free, but if you want to unlock all rewards you’ll have to spend 950 Apex Coins.

You can even spend 2,800 Apex Coins to skip the first 25 levels, making the grind a bit easy. The Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass is worth the asking price and introduces some of the best cosmetics.

Here’s a full list of all Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass rewards.

Apex Legends Season 13: All Battle Pass Rewards

Below are all the rewards and items in the Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass:

Battle Pass TierPremium RewardsFree Rewards
1Gilded Grappler Epic Pathfinder skin
Lava Queen: Epic Mad Maggie skin
Firewall: Epic Newcastle skin
Wyrmborn: Legendary Car skin
Epic XP Boost
Pre-Orders now open!: Rare transition
2Three, Two, One: Epic Newcastle Skydive emote
3Legendary Apex pack
4120 Crafting MetalsSavior: Epic Music pack
5100 Apex Coins100 Apex Coins
6Epic XP Boost
7You were all sizzle and no steak: Rare Mad Maggie Kill quipShredding the Dead: Rare Sentinel Skin
8Lava Drill: Epic Weapon charmSeason 13 Wins as Mad Maggie: tracker
9Scaled Tapestry: Rare Havoc skinSeason 13 Kills as Gibraltar: tracker
10Burning Embrace: Epic Mad Maggie frameSeason 13 Kills as Wraith: tracker
11Eat This, Eggs!: Epic Universal HoloRare Apex pack
12Rare Apex pack
13120 Crafting MetalsLion Tamer: Rare Mozambique Skin
14Epic XP Boost
15Inside the Outlands; Episode 1082.5: Rare TransitionScales & Stripes: Rare Charge Rifle skin
16Brudda in Arms: Epic Gibraltar Frame
17Saint’s End: Rare R-301 skinSeason 13 Wins as Fuse: tracker
18All the Tales Are True: Epic Universal HoloSeason 13 Wins as Mirage: tracker
19Side Hustle: Epic EmoteSeason 13 Wins as Revenant: tracker
20120 Crafting Metals
21100 Apex CoinsFate Sealer: Rare Bocek skin
22Epic XP Boost
23Wins as Fuse: trackerSeason 13 Kills as Bloodhound: tracker
24Damage Done as Fuse: tracker
25Sir Fitzroy: Legendary Fuse skinSeason 13 Wins as Lifeline: tracker
26Kills as Fuse: trackerSeason 13 Wins as Newcastle: tracker
27Regal Seals: Rare Kraber skinRare Apex pack
28120 Crafting Metals
29100 Apex CoinsGuardian’s Battlecrest: Rare RE-45 skin
30Epic XP Boost
31By Your Hand, Through Me: Rare Bloodhound quipSeason 13 Wins as Seer: tracker
32Charm of Nature: Epic Weapon charm
33Fantastic Tails: Rare Triple Take SkinSeason 13 Wins as Ash: tracker
34Cold Sparks: Epic bloodhound FrameSeason 13 Wins as Horizon: tracker
35Fire at Will: Epic Universal HoloRare Apex pack
36Rare Apex pack
37120 Crafting MetalsSinged Sight: Rare 30-30 skin
38Epic XP Boost
39Real Heroes Get Back Up: Rare Newcastle kill quipSeason 13 Wins as Octane: tracker
40Crest Ascension: Epic Weapon charm
41Retro Ball: Rare Volt skinSeason 13 Wins as Wattson: tracker
42The Hot Seat: Epic Newcastle FrameSeason 13 Wins as Pathfinder: tracker
43You Can’t Choose Your Family: Epic Universal HoloRare Apex Pack
44120 Crafting Metals
45100 Apex CoinsScaled Silhouette: Rare Peacekeeper Skin
46Epic XP Boost
47Imbued Fury: Rare Wingman SkinSeason 13 Wins as Loba: tracker
48Wins as Bloodhound: trackerSeason 13 Wins as Valkyrie: tracker
49Kills as Bloodhound: trackerSeason 13 Wins as Crypto: tracker
50Feral’s Future: Legendary Bloodhound skinSeason 13 Wins as Caustic: tracker
51Damage Done as Bloodhound: trackerRare Apex pack
52Margaret Kohere’s Lessons: Rare Transition
53120 Crafting MetalsRoyal Crest: Epic Weapon Charm
54Epic XP Boost
55Apexgamesdaily Presents: Rare TransitionSeason 13 Wins as Bangalore: tracker
56We’re Not Here to Shag Spiders: Rare Fuse Kill quipSeason 13 Kills as Bangalore: tracker
57Lordly Helm: Epic Weapon CharmSeason 13 Kills as Caustic: tracker
58Gilded Lineage: Rare Flatline SkinSeason 13 Kills as Crypto: tracker
59Tower Defense: Epic Fuse FrameBlue Dragon: Rare Crypto Skin
60Roger That Boss: Epic Universal Holo
61100 Apex CoinsSerpent’s Blood: Rare Devotion Skin
62Epic XP Boost
63Defender Axe: Epic Weapon CharmSeason 13 Kills as Valkyrie: tracker
64Highborn: Rare L-Star SkinSeason 13 Kills as Pathfinder: tracker
65Bottled Fury: Rare Mastiff skinSeason 13 Kills as Loba: tracker
66Salvonian Drinking Song: Rare transitionSeason 13 Kills as Wattson: tracker
67Epic Apex packSelfish Mistakes: Rare Transition
68The Dragon’s Clutch: Epic Rampage Skin
69100 Apex CoinsQuicksilver: Rare G7 Scout skin
70Epic XP Boost
71Look on the Brightside – I Won: Rare Pathfinder Kill quipSeason 13 Kills as Octane: tracker
72I Call Dibs: Epic Weapon CharmSeason 13 Kills as Horizon: tracker
73Rare Throwback: Rare Hemlok SkinSeason 13 Kills as Ash: tracker
74Return to Sender: Epic Pathfinder FrameSeason 13 Kills as Rampart: tracker
75Zip It!: Epic Universal HoloRare Apex pack
76120 Crafting Metals
77100 Apex CoinsNewcastle: Epic Music Pack
78Rare Apex pack
79Virtual Hero: Rare Alternator SkinSeason 13 Wins as Rampart: tracker
80Mighty Incisor: Epic Weapon CharmSeason 13 Kills as Seer: tracker
81No One Looks Up: Epic Universal HoloSeason 13 Kills as Newcastle: tracker
82Out With the Old, In With The New: Rare TransitionSeason 13 Kills as Lifeline: tracker
83Circling Back: Epic Crypto Skydive EmoteNothing Personal: Rare Transition
84120 Crafting Metals
85100 Apex CoinsDragon Crest: Rare Prowler Skin
86Rare Apex pack
87Battle Crested: Epic Weapon CharmSeason 13 Kills as Bloodhound: tracker
88Contained Corruption: Rare R-99 SkinSeason 13 Kills as Revenant: tracker
89Venom Eggs: Epic Caustic FrameSeason 13 Kills as Mirage: tracker
90You Can Choose Your Friends: Epic Universal HoloSeason 13 Kills as Fuse: tracker
91Air Defense: Epic Newcastle Skydive EmoteSpinal Double Tap: Rare P2020 Skin
92120 Crafting Metals
93100 Apex Coins100 Apex Coins
94Rare Apex pack
95100 Apex CoinsYou Seem a Bit Dense: Rare Horizon Kill Quip
96Finders Keepers: Epic Weapon charmSeason 13 Kills as Wraith: tracker
97Terrible Twos: Epic emoteRare Apex Pack
98Wings of Wraith: Rare Longbow SkinSeason 13 Kills as Gibraltar: tracker
99I Thought You Were Someone else: Rare Mirage Kill quipSeason 13 Kills as Mad Maggie: tracker
100Winter Soul: Legendary Spitfire Skin100 Apex Coins
110Molten Soul: Legendary Spitfire SkinSaviors Level Season 13: Legendary Badge

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