Triple H & John Cena WWE: Survey reveals surprising results on most loved & hated stars

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We all know which WWE Superstars are loved and which ones are hated… or do we?

New data from has given us an indication on who the most beloved WWE stars are, as well as the most hated, based on interactions online.

And as we’ll get into talking about, the results are rather surprising.

Before we go into the specifics, the data revealed that Nikki A.S.H is on the receiving end of the most positive sentiment online, while Triple H receives the most negative interactions.

The top ten most beloved WWE stars are as follows, in order. The first number indicates positive sentiment, while the second indicates negative sentiment.

As you can see below, the list features some surprising names, including Veer Mahaan and podcaster Sam Roberts, who occasionally does some work on kickoff show panels.

  • Nikki A.S.H – 28.4%/2.85%
  • Veer Mahaan – 23.8%/2.12%
  • Alexa Bliss – 23.6%/6.43%
  • Wendy Choo – 22.5%/10%
  • Mandy Rose – 22.1%/9.16%
  • Happy Corbin – 21.7%/5.8%
  • Sam Roberts – 21.3%/3.25%
  • Cody Rhodes – 21.1%/8.33%
  • Big E – 19%/10.2%
  • Montez Ford – 18.6%/5.13%
Nikki A.S.H WWE
Nikki A.S.H WWE

Right, so we’ve covered the most loved WWE stars online, so now it’s time to unfortunately break down the most hated WWE stars, based on negative sentiment.

Topping the list is WWE COO Triple H, who retired from wrestling this year. You’ve also got Seth Rollins and John Cena both featuring.

Surprising names include the likes of Sarray, A-Kid and Io Shirai, who all seem to be quite liked on Twitter, although the data suggests otherwise.

  • Triple H – 10.3%/18.4%
  • A-Kid – 11.1%/17.9%
  • Bruce Prichard – 4.82%/15.6%
  • Shotzi – 11.1%/14%
  • John Cena – 9.14%/13.8%
  • Sarray – 13.1%/13.4%
  • Ricochet – 9.74%/13.20%
  • Io Shirai – 18.2%/12.5%
  • Katana Chance – 10.6%/11.8%
  • Seth Rollins – 7.91%/11.6%

Interestingly, there’s no room for Roman Reigns on either list, who seems to be neither extra loved or hated by WWE fans, despite being the promotion’s top star.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t representative of all of the WWE fanbase, as it’s unclear how many fans who tune into Raw and SmackDown each week are also chatting about wrestling online.

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