Kevin Owens destroyed a WWE fan back in 2016 and it was comedy gold

Kevin Owens WWE

Kevin Owens has proved time and time again that he’s one of the wittiest members of the WWE roster.

Owens is often winding up fans on Twitter, but one WWE fan back in 2016 got the experience live and in-person.

Footage that has re-emerged on Twitter over the last week has shown Owens absolutely destroying a WWE fan during a segment on Raw six years ago.

At the time, Owens was the Universal Champion, and he was feuding with Seth Rollins, when a fan decided to start on him.

While he was attacking Rollins, the WWE fan told Owens to “get back to Canada”, as you can see above.

And almost without hesitation, Owens fired back, and if we’re being honest, he absolutely destroyed the fan.

Owens quickly told the fan that he’ll go back to Canada, but told them to keep “screwing” their sister, before calling them a “stupid f***”.

The moment was absolutely hilarious, and proved to WWE fans that if you step to Owens, you better be ready to take a verbal battering.

The little interaction took place during a Raw taping, while KO was fighting Seth, which makes it even more entertaining.

Owens has been known for trash-talking fans while wrestling, so this little back-and-forth, if you can even call it that, was clearly nothing new for him.

Owens is coming off a big high in WWE right now, main eventing WrestleMania 38 night one alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin, having the Hall of Famer’s first match since 2003.

Right now, he’s still on WWE Raw, right now feuding with Ezekiel, who the former NXT star is trying to prove that the new Superstar is actually Elias, who was taken off TV last year.

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