Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Everything We Know So Far

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Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds is an upcoming mobile game for iOS and Android from Netmarble, and here is everything that we know about it thus far.

As the title suggests, the new game is the latest in the popular Ni no Kuni JRPG franchise, and this mobile version is set to bring a new audience to the stylistic anime series.

The mobile title will be directed and produced by Level-5, and it features animation from the world-famous Studio Ghibli!

Here is everything that we know right now about Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds, including the characters, familiars and more.

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Credit: Netmarble

Release Date

As of writing (Wednesday 11th May 2022), there has not been an official release date revealed for the title.

Potential players can however pre-register for the game, either via the App Store or Google Play.

Pre-Register Bonuses

Gamers that pre-register will get access to free content when the game itself does launch. The freebies on offer are as follows:

  • Explorer Outfit – Pre-registration rewards can be claimed from your mailbox in-game after launch.

Potential players who also sign up to the official Discord for the game will also be able to get access to free unlockables:

  • Catarumpus Hat & Special Title – The coupon for joining the Discord Server can be used once the game launches and its use is limited to one per account.
Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Characters
Credit: Netmarble


The following characters have been confirmed for the game on the new title’s official website:


  • An incredible genius with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Will the world of Soul Divers satisfy her curiosity? A weapons expert who can wield various firearms such as rifles. She’s also a helpful ally who can heal her friends on the battlefield!


  • A florist who loves bringing joy to people who need a little cheering up. In this new world, though, he’ll use his incredible strength to defeat evil!A tough warrior who strikes his enemies with a giant hammer. He is merciless to his foes but a dependable friend to his allies.


  • A handsome young office worker with a never-say-die attitude. He starts playing Soul Divers in search of a new challenge to break up the monotony of his day-to-day life.A noble swordsman who can deal rapid attacks with his one-handed sword. His incredible bladework demoralises his enemies on the frontlines.


  • Anyone who knows her understands what she’s truly capable of – but in the new world, her nearly magical talents are actually magic! A magical perfectionist with a  clever flying spear and nimble feet. She can adapt to almost any situation with her various skill effects.


  • A mischievous, playful boy who is extremely quick on his feet. His talents translate well to the world of Ni no Kuni. A ranged damage dealer who confuses his enemies with volleys of arrows and quick movement. He can also take on a supporting role by making his party much stronger.
Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Giant Cats
Credit: Netmarble


The official website for the game has also confirmed that there will Familiars in the game, and the following have been revealed:


  • Rambunctus was born of the desire to do whatever it wants. You’re sure to find Rambunctus dancing in crowded places, making everyone nearby tired with its sweet moves.


  • Petals are born in the hearts of flowers. They float in the wind and help flower buds bloom, spreading their floral scent far and wide.


  • A familiar that lives in groups in the mountains. Don’t let its cuteness fool you, or it may knock you out with its stick and take all your stuff!


  • Sparkee was born from an energetic heart. It sometimes shocks its own friends because it produces so much electricity. It would be a lot more popular if it could just contain itself…


  • Polarin was born from the cleanest snow in Winter Wonderland. It has a cute face with bright eyes and fluffy snowballs, but it can charge at you with its icicle horn, so be careful!


  • A magical creature whose duty is to protect the ruins of an ancient kingdom. It stands still when it’s not fighting, but as soon as it sees an enemy, it uses its rocky fists to take them down with surprising speed.


  • Sillymander was born from lava in a hot desert. Every breath it takes is accompanied by flames, so watch out! It may look friendly, but it’s actually very dangerous, so keep a safe distance!


  • A teddy bear made by a magician as a gift for a young girl who was afraid of the dark. Though born of the desire to help the girl, Rimu is a scaredy-cat. It hides from its fears in its dinosaur costume.

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