Minnesota Vikings safety Lewis Cine takes aim at Tampa Bay Buccaneers over draft night antics

Lewis Cine of the Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings safety Lewis Cine appears to have taken a shot at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the way they acted during the NFL Draft.

Whilst there were plenty of movers and shakers across the NFL Draft weekend in Las Vegas, arguably none moved or shaked as much as the Minnesota Vikings did, as they were involved in a number of trades.

One of those trades was in the first round, where they traded away the 12th and 46th selection to the division rival Detroit Lions in order to pick up picks #32, #34 (which would later be flipped to the Green Bay Packers) and #66.

The 32nd pick would be for Lewis Cine out of the University of Georgia, but according to Cine, if he had his way, and other teams in the draft stuck to their ‘agreement’ he wouldn’t be playing his ball in Minnesota at all.

What happened on draft night?

Speaking on the Richard Sherman podcast (quoted by The Spun), Cine explained that there was a team out there who claimed that they were going to take him with the 27th pick, but ended up trading away the pick, meaning he fell back in the draft.

“I had a team at No. 27, they know who they are,” Cine said. “I don’t have to say no names. It was at 27. The whole process, [they said] ‘If you’re there, we’re gonna pick you.’ They move down to the second round. I’m like ‘Damn, they just did me so dirty.’”

That team appears to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who ended up trading the 27th pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Cine doesn’t sound as if he’s going to forget that move in a hurry.

A potential chip on his shoulder?

Despite dropping down a few spots, as he remained in the first round, Cine is still set to receive a pretty penny and joins a Vikings team that despite back-to-back losing seasons have got a decent setup to have a good run this year.

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Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers play?

But this could be something that ends up acting as a little extra motivation for him moving forward in his career, especially when they end up playing the Buccaneers in the years to come.

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