Worst football time-wasting? Bulgarian 3rd division player throws himself from stretcher

Bulgarian league time wasting

There’s a reason football is known as ‘the beautiful game’.

When the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah – to name but a few- are in full flow, there are few better sites in the world.

Or, if you prefer to hark back to days gone by, you can bask in the glory of what the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Kaka, and Ronaldinho were capable of doing with a football at their feet.

The titanic battle between Liverpool and Manchester City that has engulfed the top of the Premier League this year is just another example of the game in its purist form.

However, while we all love the saucy dribble, the sweeping diagonal, the cheeky one-two or the curling top corner finish, there are other aspects of the game that are just as important.

As much as you’d like to deny it, the so-called ‘dark arts’ have become a crucial part of the game we love.

While some might prefer to call it ‘game-management’ there can be no denying that to be a champion team, you need a little bit of niggle to you.

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When done right, it can be frightfully effective strangling the life out of an opponent in the tight and crucial moments.

However, there are those moments where the dark arts go all too far. Diving and feigning injury is one of the chief tactics of choice when it comes to wasting time and it always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Now, Yordan Apostolov has found himself in the limelight for some truly astonishing timewasting while trying to run down the clock in a recent Bulgarian third division clash between Balkan 1929 and Belasitsa.

You can see his shameful antics in the clip below:

With time running down on the clock, Apostolov went down with an injury and it seemed the only way to remove him from the field of play was to stretcher him off.

Spying an opportunity to waste further time, Apostolov flung himself from the stretcher before rolling over several times as if he had fallen by accident.

It’s the sort of thing you really don’t want to see on any football field in whatever league but we can’t help but admire his commitment to the cause.

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