De Bruyne, Ronaldo, Zidane: Who is the most two-footed player in football?

Kevin de Bruyne vs Wolves

Kevin De Bruyne showed the importance of being two-footed with an incredible left-footed hat-trick for Manchester City in their first half against Wolves on Wednesday.

The Belgian scored three left footed goals inside 24 minutes to move City closer to the Premier League title. His third strike was just ridiculous as he smashed it past Jose Sa from outside the penalty area with accuracy and power.

And it got us thinking. Who are the most two-footed players in football history?

As kids, we were always told to use our weaker foot as much as possible and it was imperative to be able to use both feet.

While it’s an obvious advantage, it’s not imperative.

Arguably the greatest player of all time, Lionel Messi, is unashamedly one-footed. Okay, he’s more than capable of using his right foot but you wouldn’t call him two-footed.

Barcelona v Real Madrid - La Liga

He certainly doesn’t make our list of the 20 most two-footed players in football history.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking of the most ambidextrous players in football.

It was a tough task compiling 20 players, let alone putting them in the correct order. There are no doubt players we’ve missed out and we’ve no doubt upset you all with the order. If so, be sure to let us know in the Facebook comments section.

But here is our ranking of the 20 most two-footed players ever.

20. Adam Lallana

No offence to Lallana but he’s lucky to be on this list. Not because he’s not two-footed – because he’s brilliant with both feet – but because he’s not quite as legendary as the other 19 players. To his credit, the Brighton man can go either way and must be a nightmare to defend against.

19. Toni Kroos

Both Kroos and his Real Madrid midfield partner, Luka Modric, were both considered in this list but we’ve given it to the German. He’s capable of splitting a defence – or scoring a goal – with either foot.

18. Paolo Maldini

Maldini was left-footed, wasn’t he? Well, according to reports the legendary Italian was actually right-footed. Remarkable.

17. Pavel Nedved

Nedved is a forgotten Ballon d’Or winner having claimed the award in 2003. He was naturally right-footed (we think) but was brilliant with either.

Sampdoria v Juventus

16. Neymar

Another player who is an absolute nightmare to defend. Will he go right? Will he go left? It doesn’t matter to the Brazilian because he’ll make you look silly either way.

15. Diogo Jota

It’s unfair that Jota is equally capable of scoring with his right foot, his left foot AND his head. If ever there was a player capable of scoring a perfect hat-trick.

14. Alfredo Di Stefano

We can’t say we ever actually watched Di Stefano live but he’s been described as “the most complete player to have graced the game.” Watching clips of him, it’s clear the Real Madrid legend was very two-footed.

13. Johan Cruyff

Again, one of the greatest players to have ever played the game – helped by the fact Cruyff was so two-footed. He was two-footed that he turned down the opportunity to cross the ball with his right foot in the 1974 World Cup game against Sweden, instead producing a ‘Cruyff turn’ to get the ball back onto his left.

12. Wesley Sneijder

From one Dutch legend to another. Okay, Sneijder may not be in the argument when it comes to the greatest players of all time but he’s certainly one of the most two-footed players of all time.

11. Pele

Many believe Pele is the GOAT. Again, we weren’t fortunate enough to witness the legendary Brazilian but a simply YouTube search will show you that he scored goals with both feet.

10. George Best

We all know the Best was left-footed but he was another legendary player who could use both.

9. Ivan Perisic

On the same night De Bruyne was scoring a left-footed hat-trick, Perisic helped Inter Milan to win Coppa Italia with two extra-time goals – one with either foot. He took a penalty with his right before smashing in a volley with his left.

8. Pedro

The former Barcelona and Chelsea maybe didn’t have the power with both feet but he was equally capable of scoring with his left or right. Very ambidextrous.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo may not be quite as accurate with his weaker left foot as others on this list but he’s certainly got the power. We’ve seen the Portuguese superstar smash in 30-yarders with his left foot.

6. Diego Forlan

After arriving in England with Manchester United, Forlan couldn’t score with either foot. But later in his career with the likes of Villarreal and Atletico Madrid – as well as with Uruguay in various tournaments – we realised that Forlan is incredibly two-footed and a fantastic finisher. We’re still not actually sure what foot he is…

5. Son Heung-Min

Son was actually the subject of a recent office debate regarding which foot he is – which just about sums it up. I was correct in insisting he was right-footed but he had to pull up videos of him taking a penalty with his right to prove it.

4. Kevin De Bruyne

Ah, the reason we’re writing this article in the first place. De Bruyne’s shooting appears even more accurate and powerful with his left foot than his right. There’s a story that suggests he’s so good with his left foot because his neighbours wouldn’t allow him to destroy their garden using his right foot.

3. Ousmane Dembele

Can we bring your attention to an interview with Dembele when he was at Rennes. It went something like this:

Reporter: “Are you right or left footed?”

Dembele: “Hmmmm left-footed.”

Reporter: “Sure? Because you also score with your right foot.”

Dembele: “Yeah, I’m more left-footed yeah.”

Reporter: “Don’t you take penalties with your right foot?”

Dembele: “Hmmm yeah.”

Reporter: “Why?”

Dembele: “Because I shoot better with my right foot.”


2. Zinedine Zidane

Zidane deserves to be this high up on the list purely because of THAT left-footed volley in the Champions League final for Real Madrid. The Frenchman was as technically gifted with his left as he was with his right.

1. Santi Cazorla

One clip alone sums up just how two-footed Cazorla was. He was getting ready to take a corner for Arsenal with his right foot when he was told to produce an inswinger. No need to bring across a left-footed player because Cazorla just switched sides and whipped it in with his ‘weaker’ foot. What a baller.

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