Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: New Legend Teased in Video

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1

Respawn is sneakily teasing a new Legend for Apex Legends Mobile via the announcement trailer for Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile.

After a long wait, Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 is almost here and there are a lot of things fans can look forward to. From a shiny new Battle Pass to new events and more, the developers have several things in store.

Apex Legends Mobile will even see the addition of some of the well-known Legends; however, not all of them will be available right from the start. Instead, Respawn Entertainment has planned to bring a small group of Legends during the initial stage of Apex Legends Mobile and more might get added in the later seasons.

One of the major hints about this comes via the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 announcement trailer which was recently released, showing off various Legends and their abilities. The video ended with a quick glimpse of a Legend’s silhouette. 

This might be the developers’ way of teasing about what’s to come in the game. With that said, here’s everything known about the mysterious new legend teased in the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 announcement trailer.

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Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: New Legend Teased in Video

On Wednesday, 11th May, Respawn dropped a brand new announcement trailer for the upcoming Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile as well as setting the release date for the game to be 17th May. 

The nearly three minutes long trailer showed off several familiar Legends like Wraith, Caustic, Mirage and more as they try to become the Apex Champions by beating everyone in the arena. 

However, the developers also managed to sneak in one subtle little tease about a new Legend during the end of the video. The announcement trailer ends with Blisk, the guy who created the faction/mercenary group “Apex Predators” in a bar watching all the events via a television set.

Apex Legends Mobile New Legend

On the television set, we see a mysterious silhouette of a new Legend, whilst the video ends with Blisk saying: “Show me what you have got.” This could be the developer’s way of teasing a future legend for Apex Legends Mobile.

While not much has been revealed about his Legend, chances are that it might get added during Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile. However, without any official word from Respawn, this remains mere speculation. We will have to wait for Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 to release so as to get more information about this new Legend.

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