Insane Viewing Figures Reveal Top 10 Streamers during Apex Legends Season 12

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Apex Legends Season 12 has ended and a report has revealed the most watched streamers during the epic season.

The huge battle royale game has been a great success since February 2019 and has successfully competed with the likes of Call of Duty and Fortnite.

The success of the game is so big that developers have now turned to creating an entirely seperate game for mobile players.

With this and the recent introduction of Apex Legends Season 13 on PC and Console, the game is in a great place now and it is no shock to see them doing so well.

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Insane Viewing Figures Reveal Top 10 Streamers during Apex Legends Season 12

Apex Legends seems to be improving season on season, and the last one- Season 12: Defiance was one which was not just enjoyed by current fans, but also one which saw new players try out the battle royale game.

The latest news around this season, which ended on Tuesday 10th May 2022 to allow Season 13 to begin, revolves around the live streaming viewing figures.

@alphaINTEL has revealed which Apex Legends Twitch streamers were the most watched during season 12. According to the Twitter account: “Season 12 was one of the biggest seasons ever for Apex streaming, with average viewers up 25% vs Season 11”

Here are the top 10 most watch Twitch Streamers during Apex Legends Season 12 (from worst to best):

  • 10: NiceWigg: 2.1 million hours watched
  • 9: StylishNoob4: 2.3 million hours watched
  • 8: Kato_Junich817: 2.9 million hours watched
  • 7: ShivFPS: 3.6 million hours watched
  • 6: SweetDreams: 3.7 millions hours watched
  • 5: Daltoosh: 3.8 million hours watched
  • 4: IITZTIMMY: 6.8 million hours watched
  • 3: Aceu: 8 million hours watched
  • 2: ImperialHal: 10.6 million hours watched
  • 1: NickMercs: 11.8 million hours watched
top 10 most watched streamers on Apex Legends Season 12

As you can see, there was a lot of Apex watched on Twitch within the gaming community and this shows how praised the game is by players.

It is no shock to see NickMercs top of this list. The streamer used to stream Call of Duty Warzone daily with huge YouTubers like TimTheTatman and Ninja; however, he started to fall in love with Apex and it is clearly a perfect match.

Hopefully this growing engagement in Apex will continue during Season 13.

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