Trish Stratus barks like a dog with Vince McMahon segment: WWE legend recalls storyline

Trish Stratus barks like a dog with Vince McMahon segment

Vince McMahon is known for his insane ideas.

There are countless tales about baffling things the WWE chairman was once wanting to bring to the company.

Though, often these ideas don’t make it to TV.

The craziness, both in and out of the ring, is in part the reason for his success. Sometimes absurd ideas are needed to strike life into parts of the WWE which are struggling, but also sometimes the ideas can make situations worse.

It’s well known that the women’s division in WWE, up until recent times, was not taken seriously. One of the most strange and uncomfortable segments in history notoriously involves Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus.

Trish may well be the greatest women’s talent the company has seen so far, but she’s had to go through a share of embarrassing moments too, including the infamous ‘bark like a dog’ segment in the lead up to WrestleMania X-7.

While appearing at the ‘For The Love Of Wrestling’ convention in Liverpool, Trish recalled the moment she was told about the plan for this angle and her initial reaction.

“Vince pitched the angle to me like this — ‘so we’re going to have this angle where you are barking like a dog and get really humiliated, and basically hit rock bottom.’ And I was like, ‘amazing!’

“Because I knew a couple of weeks later, I would be getting my comeuppance on him and I would be slapping on The Grandest Stage of Them All, which is WrestleMania, and turning on him. I was going to stand up for myself, not needing a man to lean on and fighting for what I needed to fight for.”

It’s clear that people still talk about that segment today, and Trish discusses how the moment has stood the test of time for her character.

{Scroll to 36:00 in the below video to see Trish talk about THAT segment}

“I get questioned about that a lot, and most people go, ‘oh you remember you had to bark like a dog, and you had to do that thing which was so degrading, right?’

“For the character it was, yeah, because that was what the character had to go through. We don’t talk to Hallie Berry when she had to get abused by so and so, you know, it’s a character.

“That, for me, was integral for the character to be at rock bottom, to have the foresight to say, ‘I can break free from this, I won’t let this happen to me and let’s move on.’ And you know what? 22 years, we’re still talking about it!”

Trish is no doubt a legendary competitor in WWE and moments like this, while it might be awkward when looking back, is memorable for fans even two decades on.

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