Is Gotham Knights cross-platform/crossplay?

Is Gotham Knights cross-platform/crossplay?

Many are wondering whether Gotham Knights is cross-platform/crossplay ever since WB Games Montréal shared some new details about the game.

One of the most anticipated games of 2022 is Gotham Knights which is set in a world where Batman has allegedly died and is all upto the Bat-Family to save and protect Gotham and the world. 

With the game approaching its release, the developers recently dropped a new brand new gameplay video highlighting Red Hood and Nightwing and their abilities. 

Gotham Knights will be both a single-player and a multiplayer experience, allowing you and your friends to drop in together and save the city. As with any online multiplayer game, a common question among most players is whether Gotham Knights will be cross-platform/crossplay or not.

So, in this article, we will explain and answer whether Gotham Knights will be cross-platform/crossplay or not.

Is Gotham Knights cross-platform/crossplay?

Cross-play and cross-platform are becoming increasingly common in online games and are no more considered add-on features. With games releasing on several platforms at once, it’s quite likely that different platform players would want to play together.

Gotham Knights do not support crossplay, according to a Q&A on the game’s official website. This means that if you want to play the game with your friend, you will have to make sure that both you and your friend are playing the game on the same system. 

Gotham Knights cross play

Gotham Knights also do not support any local co-op, meaning that the only way to play with others is to connect with others on the same console while online.

It’s also worth mentioning that no matter which platform you choose to play Gotham Knights on, you’ll only be able to team up with one other player.

There were speculations as to whether Gotham Knights might feature a four-player co-op; however, the developers have confirmed that only two players can participate in any given multiplayer session. This is certainly bad news for players hoping to jump on with their friends on different platforms.

To add to things, Gotham Knights won’t be releasing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One either, meaning you will have to first snag a new generation console or have a powerful enough PC to play the game. With that said, Gotham Knights is available for pre-order and everyone who pre-orders the game will get a free skin. 

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