F1 car braking power: Insane fan footage emerges highlighting brake power

F1 car braking power

A video has emerged highlighting the incredible braking power a Formula 1 car has in astonishing footage.

It comes from the 2017 Italian Grand Prix practise session and the video shows just how incredible the cars actually are.

A Williams is seen going at unbelievable speed before rapidly slowing down to negotiate a tight bend on the track.

It shows just how skilled the drivers are and how concentrated they have to be to be going so fast and then to decrease the speed to almost a stop, it must take a major toll on the body.

It makes you wonder why TV companies don’t try and highlight this more often during live coverage of the races.

It’s fairly obvious that the cars would have better brakes than that of a normal car, but seeing it in action is just insane.

A seat near a heavy braking zone is clearly a place where you should be planning to go if you are attending a race.

The brakes can stop a car which is going 200 miles per hour in only four seconds – they’re quite amazing pieces of equipment.

An F1 car can decelerate at more than 5g, which means that under braking, the driver’s body can be pushed forward with an immense force of five times the unaccelerated state.

The cars then generate massive amounts of load that pushes them into the ground and enables them to stop in next to no time.

Regulations require all braking force to be generated by the driver so that means there is no electrical assistance.

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With the cars and technology advancing all the time, you would imagine that the brakes would continue to improve each year. 

So next time that you’re at an F1 race, make sure you head to the heavy braking zone because you won’t be disappointed.

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