Randy Orton: Hilarious Twitter thread claims WWE star was 2003 internet troll

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Some members of the Internet Wrestling Community have accused WWE’s Randy Orton of being a hilarious internet troll in 2003.

Will Washington, the host of the Grapsody podcast, has posted a pretty amusing Twitter thread, claiming that Randy Orton could have been a troll in the old AIM message boards.

Washington took to Twitter to ask Orton if he was the ‘OVW3rdGen’ account on AIM back in 2003, giving some backstory on the situation.

Back in January 2003, an AIM user by the name of ‘OVW3rdGen’ popped into a wrestling message board claiming to be Randy Orton, as you can see below.

For context, Orton was an active WWE Superstar at the time, having debuted on the main roster in April 2002.

Washington goes on to say that while no one else in the chat believed that the user was Randy, he was telling everyone some “pretty wild s***”, which “sounded plausible”.

The other AIM users then asked for proof, as they would do, and Orton (sort of) delivered.

Orton, who was 22 at the time, and would go on to become a multi-time WWE Champion, simply said “I’ll just say this. Superkick. Blue Sweater”, and then logged off AIM forever.

As you can see above, the following night on Monday Night Raw, Orton appeared in a segment with surreal superkicker Shawn Michaels.

Orton was also seen wearing a blue/black sweater, and at the end of the show, he did get hit with one of Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music superkicks.

After this proof, if you can even call it that, some fans stated that the user must have been Randy, while others still remained unconvinced.

A couple of days later, Washington took to Twitter to say he’d finally received his answer but didn’t reveal whether or not Orton really was the troll account.

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