FIFA 22 Bundesliga TOTS: New leak reveals amazing Manuel Neuer card

Manuel Neuer celebrates

FIFA 22 Team of the Season is well underway and a new leak from noted insider FUT Sheriff has confirmed that there is an amazing Manuel Neuer card coming in the Bundesliga TOTS.

A massive amount of upgraded cards are released across the course of the month as part of the promo, with a variety of leagues getting upgrades.

The promo always manages to keep the community engaged, and there are a variety of ways for you to get your hands on the Team of the Season cards.

Players can get them via packs, buying them on the transfer market, unlocking them through objectives, or completing Squad Building Challenges.

Neuer remains an absolutely integral member of the Bayern Munich team, with the Bavarian giants winning the Bundesliga this season.

And he is now set to be included in the TOTS.

Leaks Confirm Amazing FIFA 22 Bundesliga TOTS Manuel Neuer Card

The Bundesliga TOTS is fan-voted and supporters have clearly been impressed with the Germany international.

It is set to go live at 6pm on Friday 13th May, and FUT Sheriff has now confirmed that Neuer is set to be the goalkeeper in the team.

And if the stats are correct, this is a monstrous goalkeeper!

He has a staggering 95 overall rating, making him one of the best stoppers in the game.

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He is set to have 93 diving, 95 handling, 96 kicking, 95 positioning, 94 reflexes and 70 speed.

If you’ve got yourself a Bundesliga squad, it feels as though Neuer will be a must-have in goal and he may well be a highly expensive card on the market.

One has to think he’ll be making superb saves all the way across FUT Champions and he is set to be available in packs from 6pm GMT on Friday 13th May 2022.

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