Los Angeles Chargers steal the show with their unbelievable schedule release video

Los Angeles Rams SoFi Stadium

The Los Angeles Chargers pulled out all the stops with their 2022 NFL schedule release following their video on social media.

There are certainly some pros and cons to the NFL scheduling system, the main con being that with no relegation and promotion, and the rotational basis the schedule operates on, you know exactly who you’re going to be playing for the most part years in advance.

The only thing you really have to wait for is the matchups for where you finish within your respective divisions to find out your last three.

But one of the big pros that come out of it, is that it gives teams the need to be creative when it comes to their schedule release, with each team doing their best to put together a catchier presentation for what is essentially filling in dates on the calender in your kitchen.

There were some incredible efforts around the league

One of the ‘honourable mentions’ of the teams has to go to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who took their inspiration from the famous ‘Terry Tate Office Linebacker’ adverts from the 2000s by getting defensive lineman Cam Heyward to offer protection for the schedule:

Whilst the Arizona Cardinals took inspiration from the annoying (or fun, depending on your preferences) video game Flapp Bird to announce their opponents: 

And for a much better nostalgia trip, look no further than the Carolina Panthers who took us back to our childhoods with some amazing references from the 1990s in order to promote theirs: 

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Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers play?

Bolts bring out the best

But by far and way the best video has to come from the Los Angeles Chargers, who released their schedule in the form of an anime short film that featured some incredible cartoons of their opponents to a rather catchy beat:

Having been somewhat upstaged by their SoFi Stadium partners in the Los Angeles Rams who won the Super Bowl last year, the Chargers obviously needed something to put themselves at the top of the pile in people’s minds.

And with this video for their schedule release, it’s fair to say that they did exactly that.

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