WWE Superstar Liv Morgan shares 'day in the life' video

Liv Morgan's day in the life of

For years, fans have wondered what it’s like to live a day as a WWE Superstar.

A string of reality shows and documentaries have pulled the curtain back somewhat, but Liv Morgan has taken things one step further by documenting a day in her life on her YouTube channel.

Her day begins like most of ours, with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Morgan even makes a joke about her love of coffee in the video, pointing out that this would be her “first of 17 cups that I’m going to make and not finish today.”

After a shower, she continues her morning routine which starts with lathering herself with moringa oil, which is known to have health benefits for your hair and skin.

Morgan has dubbed meditation to be the most important part of her day. She highlights journaling, crystal work, oils, incense, sage and candles as being a part of her daily meditation routine.

As athletes, WWE Superstars have to ensure that they are always in top health when they are competing.

If they are not, they are not only putting themselves in harm’s way, but their opponents also.

In order to ensure their stars are competing with a clean billing of health, the company put their Superstars through regular health checks.

Morgan happened to film this video on a day in which those very checkups were taking place.

The medical professionals took four vials of her blood before proceeding to ensure her blood pressure was at a safe level to compete.

Liv Morgan's day in the life of
Liv Morgan’s day in the life of

Satisfied with the results, Morgan began to prepare for her match later in the evening with former tag team partner Rhea Ripley.

Most fans might assume that Morgan goes through an extensive warm-up before walking down the ramp ahead of a match. Instead, her stretches could be condensed into a 12-second clip.

Unfortunately in the ring, Morgan was convincingly beaten by her former ally Ripley, who recently turned on her to join Edge’s new stable.

There were still celebrations to be had, though, as the women’s locker room celebrated Doudrop’s birthday before taking a chartered flight back to Tampa.

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