New Orleans Saints' Twitter team had hilarious response to a Buccaneers fan's chirp

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The New Orleans Saints had the perfect response to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan who chirped at them on social media. 

It’s fair to say that sometimes being in charge of social media for a sports team does have its fair share of ups and downs.

Plenty of people making you your first point of contact for pretty much everything, meaning that at any time fans will use you to demand certain players are signed or have their contracts extended, in the vein hope that the message will be passed on.

But at the end of the day, it’s not really your job, as you’re mostly relaying messages the other way, from the team to the fans.

There will however be some times when your job allows you to have a little bit of fun at someone’s expense, and the admin of the New Orleans Saints Twitter account certainly did that on NFL schedule release night. 

What was said?

The conversation started before the full schedule had been released, as the NFL and teams were leaking bits of the schedule throughout the day, and this one occurred when the Saints revealed that their home opener was going to be against their ‘NFC South rival’ Buccaneers

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However, one fan on Twitter appeared to take exception to the term ‘rival’, clearly thinking that the Bucs are the bigger brother in the relationship and that fans don’t really seem to care about the Saints all that much:

The Saints fire back with style

The Saints and their social media team though, weren’t just about to take this lying down, as they correctly pointed out to the fan, that if they didn’t care about the Saints, that it was a little odd to see the fan talk about them on the social media platform:

Now the validity of the fan’s argument is somewhat up for debate, for instance the Saints are technically the ‘bigger team’ of the two as they have been around longer and are currently leading the all-time series with the Buccaneers by 33 wins to 22. 

Although the Buccaneers do have more Super Bowls by a score of 2-1, so if you want to use that as the measuring stick, then the Bucs fan has a point.

Either way, hopefully he learned the hard way that if you give it out, you have to be prepared to get it back.

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