Georges St-Pierre 'not interested' in making a comeback as 'his best days are behind him'

  • Tom Ward

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre is ‘not interested’ in making a comeback in any sort of capacity as he believes ‘his best days are now behind him’.

That’s despite the best efforts of Karate Combat president Adam Kovacs who has tried to convince him otherwise.

St-Pierre, 40, recently signed on as a ‘Season Sensei’ for Karate Combat Season 4 which will see him share his knowledge and expertise with both viewers and fighters alike.

But don’t expect to see him compete in The Pit anytime soon or indeed anywhere else for that matter.

In an exclusive interview with, the KC chief revealed that he has done everything in his power to try and get him to change his mind.

However, it seems those efforts have apparently been in vain, as he isn’t interested in lacing the small ounce gloves up again.

Kovacs said: “I am definitely not a guy who gives up easily.

“I have a few little tricks up my sleeve, I have my own powers of persuasion, and it just doesn’t work with him.

Georges St-Pierre is widely regarded as one of the best mixed martial artists in the world

“This is not a secret, I’ve been sending him tapes of Lyoto Machida calling him out saying ‘I want to fight GSP’, and GSP just laughs it off.

“He says, ‘My friend, I’m not interested in any of this, this is too hard for me’.

“He thinks his best days are now behind him which is fair enough.

“I met him about a month or two ago in Miami, and we brought it back up again, but he couldn’t care less.

“So it is what it is, you know, you have to accept and respect his decision.

“He’s not the kind of guy who goes back on his word like Henry Cejudo or Conor McGregor who say they’re retired. Like f*** that, we all know that’s not true. If he says something like that he sticks by it so we respect that and we’re just glad to have him at Karate Combat anyways.”

From left to right: Georges St-Pierre, Bas Rutten, Adam Kovacs and Stephen Thompson

Sitting in his study at Karate Combat HQ, Kovacs, 41, also revealed his ‘ones to watch’ for the upcoming fourth season including Olympic silver medallist Rafael Aghayev, 37, former world champion Ross Levine, 35, and current lightweight titleholder Edgar Skrivers, 30.

He added: “If you’re a fan of the league then you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve got plenty of guys coming back from season two and three.

“We’re delighted to have Rafael Aghayev back with us as well, we signed him to a multi-fight deal, and that’s huge for us. He’s the greatest of all time when it comes to point fighting or sport karate. So he’s someone I’m expecting big things from this season.

“We’ve also got a title on the line with Edgar Skrivers taking on Luis Rocha, which is a special one because they were the first ones to fight for the lightweight title.

“And this will not only be a rematch but another chance for Rocha to become the first person to beat Skrivers in The Pit while Skrivers also has the opportunity to remind everyone why he is the best at 150lbs.

“Nobody has ever come close to finishing him or even come close to beating him so that’s something I’m really excited about and I think anybody who is either new to the sport or new to our organisation should be very excited about this fight.

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“If you’re new to the sport, you should also keep an eye out for Ross Levine. He’s got a super exciting style, he’s got a great personality, and we’re delighted to have him with us.

“He’s going to be fighting Igor de Castaneda in the main event of episode one, it’s a number one contender fight for the middleweight title, and there’s some real bad blood between them.”

Despite admitting that trash talk can sometimes go horribly wrong, Kovacs also believes it does have its benefits.

He continued: “It’s hard because karate is a sport that is based on respect but as Bruce Lee said you express yourself through martial arts.

“We cannot overplay it but if it’s there we don’t want to shut it down either because that would be a middle finger not only to the sport but also to the business.

“Somehow we have to manage it and balance it in a way where it’s still fun and doesn’t really harm anybody.

“It’s not like they go too personal anyway what you see with other promotions.

“So I think we have to accept it’s a part of the fight game, and if we don’t, then we just don’t understand how this business works.

“If we can balance it in a way where it’s still enjoyable for the fans but we still keep it to limits then I think that’s fine.”

Karate Combat Season 4 airs every Saturday on Eurosport. For more information, visit the Karate Combat website at

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