Boca Juniors' Carlos Zambrano karate chops Racing player's broken finger 3 times

Carlos Zambrano on Enzo Copetti

South American giants Boca Juniors booked their place in the grand final of the Argentinean League Cup via a dramatic penalty shootout against Racing Club.

A winner simply could not be found in front of the capacity crowd at the Néstor Diaz Pérez Stadium leaving the crucial semi-final clash at the mercy of the shootout.

The spot-kick lottery would end 5-4 in favour of Boca, who now await the result of the clash between Argentinos and Tigre ahead of next Sunday’s Cordoba showpiece.

It was not what one might describe as an enthralling goalless draw with both teams looking to keep the game as tight as possible.

As you’d expect, there was plenty of niggle and tempers were raised on more than one occasion over the course of the 120-minute marathon clash.

There was one moment in particular that left a bit of a sour taste in the mouths of fans watching on after Carlos Zambrano was caught trying to do some real harm to his opponent, Enzo Copetti.


Copetti, who recently broke his finger, had the injury firmly bandaged up for the Boca clash but that wasn’t about to stop Zambrano exploiting his pain.

In the clip, which you can see below, Zambrano has few goes at Copetti’s hand, using a rather ineffective karate chop technique.

However, he clearly finds his mark on the third go after composing himself for a second and taking aim, leaving Copetti in a heap on the floor.

A sly bit of defending if ever we’ve seen it.

Fans on Reddit couldn’t help but poke fun at how long it took Zambrano to hit the right spot after his first two effort went completely unnoticed by Copetti.

For Racing, it will prove to be a night of massive ‘what ifs’ after they dominated proceedings in the first half.

Copetti, meanwhile, will want to forget everything to do with Saturday night after missing his penalty in the shootout.

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