Jermell Charlo's angry rant at reporter after knocking out Brian Castano

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Jermell Charlo sensationally accused ESPN reporter Mike Coppinger of ‘always hating on people’ after knocking out Brian Castano.

Charlo, 31, stopped Castano, 32, with a brutal tenth round knockout in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The pair first met in July of last year in a bout that ended in a controversial draw, but Charlo left nothing to chance in their rematch this time around to add Castano’s WBO strap to his WBA, IBF, WBC and Ring world titles last weekend.

Charlo dropped Castano twice on his way to claiming the WBO super-welterweight title and became only the seventh undisputed world champion in the history of the four-belt era in the process.

But afterwards the 31-year-old American star blasted the boxing journalist as he insisted that he has never given him the ‘respect’ that he deserves until now.

That’s despite his trainer Derrick James trying his best to calm him down before he said anything that he might have regretted later on.

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Coppinger said: “Mike Coppinger from ESPN. Jermell, congrats on an amazing performance becoming undisputed…”

Charlo interjected: “Are you sure? You going to change that list?”

James added: “We love him.”

Charlo said: “I don’t love him. You love him. I don’t love him. F*** him. Go ahead ask your question.”

Coppinger continued: “First, you know you had the fight with Tony…”

Jermell Charlo in action against Brian Castano

Charlo butted in again: “You’ve got to get your s*** together. You’re always hating on people and s***. You’ve got to come back to me now.

“You’ve got to respect me now. You’ve got no choice but to respect me now. I did what I had to do.

“Now what? ‘Oh, Charlo’s back, he’s this, he’s that’ – come on. But go ahead and ask your question.”

Coppinger tried again: “Alright so first fight with Tony Harrison, I thought you won, and you come back and you knock him out.

“This time you knock out Castano after a close fight.

Jermell Charlo stopped Brian Castano with a brutal tenth round knockout in Los Angeles on Saturday night

“What does that say about your boxing IQ that you make all these adjustments and get all these knockouts afterwards?”

Charlo replied: “I’m high on IQ then obviously if that’s what ESPN wanted to hear.

“I mean, my IQ is really high and great.

“I’m a clean fighter. I try to not throw rabbit punches. I try to use effective punches that matter in boxing like my jab.

“I use strong punches, I’m a very strong 154 pounder, and I’ve been at this weight for some years.

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“So I’m trying to figure out like did you all watch the first fight? A lot of those shots that Castano was throwing even in this fight they were sliding off the gloves. I was blocking the majority of those punches. It just sounds good because of the crowd.

“But when you’re a fan boy and you’ve never even been in the ring before you will never f***ing understand what’s really going on in there.

“Punches were slipped, punches were ducked, punches were blocked, and that’s what Derrick James teaches.

“I was durable. I was going all of 12. Unfortunately my power gets stronger by the rounds.

“How about that?”

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