WWE set to scrap SmackDown star's divisive gimmick

  • Ash Rose
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WWE are set to repackage SmackDown Superstar Madcap Moss, according to a new report.

Moss reappeared on the main roster in September 2001, combining with Happy Corbin under the new name Madcap Moss. Complete with suspenders and dress shows, Moss became Corbin’s lackey, there to amuse Corbin with lame jokes and aid him in his rivalry with Drew McIntyre. 

The pair spilt last month following Corbin’s defeat to McIntyre at WrestleMania and the pair have feuded in the weeks following the turn, leading to a babyface turn from Moss and a win over Happy Corbin at WrestleMania Backlash. 

However, according to WrestlingNews.co.uk’s Paul Davis, the former 24/7 Champion is set for repackage following the end of his story with Corbin. Moss was written off television this week when Corbin gained revenge on his old partner by beating him down with a steel chair and wee announcing Moss suffered a ‘cervical contusion’. 

Several pitches have apparently been discussed about Moss’ repacking, including dropping the 32-year-old’s comedic stylings and updating his attire. However, there is no word on when he will return to the blue brand. 

Madcap Moss is set for a makeover.

Previously, under his previous name Riddick Moss, the SmackDown star had appeared on the main roster opportunities as a tag team partner of Mojo Rawley, where he would win the 27/Championship, and later as part of Shane McMahon’s short-lived Raw Underground segment. 

Neither worked to showcase Moss and it wasn’t until his association with Corbin that he managed to find a place on the roster. However, WWE believe there is a lot of potential in Moss, and Paul Heyman waxed lyrical on him during an episode of After The Bell earlier this year. 

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