Packers' Adrian Amos rips into Aaron Rodgers as throwback footage emerges

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers safety Adrian Amos has taken a shot at his teammate Aaron Rodgers after throwback footage of the QB appeared on Twitter.

Aaron Rodgers is often considered by many to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and if it weren’t for a lack of Super Bowl wins, with the Packers winning just the one during his time in Green Bay, he would be putting up a serious conversation with Tom Brady as it pertained to being ‘The G.O.A.T’ (Greatest Of All Time). 

With 4 NFL MVP awards to his name, 494 touchdowns and over 61,000 passing yards across the regular and postseason, the best career touchdown to interception ratio at 4.83, he really has cemented himself as one of the best of his generation as well as in the history of the game.

But even he has some flaws to his game, one of which is his ever-decreasing agility and ability to move with his feet, which saw him rush for just 101 yards last regular season. 

Which is why it’s no surprise that there might be some out there who might not believe it when they see him flying 

A-Rod in his prime

@NFLonCBS relayed footage from @NFLThrowback of Rodgers back in the day as he danced through a couple of Chicago Bears players, most notably Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher to get a first down in a game on Christmas Day in 2011:

Certainly a lot more mobile than you would expect him to be now, and when you consider who he was doing it against makes it even more impressive.

Seen it, don’t believe it

However, the footage didn’t seem to go down all that well with one of Rodgers’ current teammates Adrian Amos, who used the opportunity to mock his lack of speed right now, insisting that the image must in some way be fake:

Amos, even though it’s purely in good humour and well-intended, is at least saying this from a position of relative safety being that he’s on the other side of the ball to Rodgers.

You’d hate to think what would happen if a wide receiver said this and what sort of punishment might come his way when Rodgers saw him next, like refusing to throw him the ball.

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