Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool: The best 2022/23 kits that have been released or leaked

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Barcelona kits on sale.

Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich are amongst the clubs to have unveiled one of their kits for the 2022/23 season.

While many of Europe’s biggest competitions are still to be concluded in the 2021/22 campaign, we’re very much in the midst of the time of year where next year’s kits start to emerge.

Whether that’s in the form of official announcements or early leaks online, football fans are always keeping a keen eye out for the jerseys that might leave a substantial dent in their bank accounts.

2022/23 kit releases

And with kit designs arguably becoming more eye-catching and adventurous year on year, the intrigue that surrounds each club’s annual wardrobe change is increasing exponentially.

However, not every new strip is one that will get supporters scrambling for their wallets with even the stalwarts of football fashion like Adidas and Nike nailing certain designs more than others.

So, as we enter the prime time for shirt releases, we decided to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of shirts that have either been released or leaked at the time of writing.

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Which 2022/23 kits are the best?

And we’re starting positively by naming the 16 shirts that we consider to be the finest based on the information that we have on them so far.

To qualify, the shirt either has to have hit the shelves already or the leaked design needs to have been corroborated by the experts in the field: Footy Headlines.

Plus, if you think that we’re being biased towards the so-called big clubs in the sport, then rest assured that it’s merely because their shirts have been leaked the most widely.

Barcelona and Real Madrid kits.
Soccer Football – Twelve of Europe’s top football clubs launch a breakaway Super League – Madrid, Spain – April 21, 2021 Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid merchandise is seen through a shop window as twelve of Europe’s top football clubs launch a breakaway REUTERS/Susana Vera

The 16 best 2022/23 kits

Oh and yes, what constitutes a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ kit design is purely a subjective matter, so rest assured that this is merely our opinion and you can let us know your own thoughts across our various social channels.

(Note: Illustrations, projections and graphic imaginings may differ slightly from the final designs upon release)

The best 2022/23 kits so far

But without further ado, be sure to check out the 2022/23 jerseys that we consider to be the best of the bunch down below:

1. Arsenal away

Is this the best shirt of the 2022/23 season already? More than likely.

2. Ajax away

Another year, another storming Ajax design with those gorgeous collar and sleeve trimmings looking pure class up against the navy base.

3. Barcelona third

Rest assured that this is going to be a classic for years to come.

4. Manchester City away

There’s something about City donning red and black stripes that instantly makes for a stunning jersey.

5. Real Madrid away

The colour, the texturing… gorgeous.

6. Manchester City home

Puma strike again. City are going to look so, so smart next season.

7. Celtic away

A colour cocktail made in heaven that evokes a classic 1990s design and all with the classic Celtic badge emblazoned upon a black shield. Yes. Please.

8. Liverpool away

A stitch-perfect balancing act of simplicity and loudness. One of the best Liverpool kits in years.

9. Tottenham Hotspur away

One of our most controversial picks because there are more than a few fans who already abhor this design, but we’re dying on the hill that it’s actually a thoroughly underrated release.

10. Manchester United third

If the leaked images hold true and the base colour is more gold than high-vis, then United are going to be wearing an absolute beauty on the road next season.

11. Arsenal home

The best of a fine pack of collared beauties from Adidas. Mint.

12. Borussia Monchengladbach home

Speaking of mint, don’t let the toothpaste-tube-like design of Gladbach’s new apparel put you off because it’s not one of the most loved leaked designs for good reason.

13. Borussia Dortmund away

It doesn’t get much better than black Dortmund away kits, does it? The pixelated left-hand side won’t be for everybody, but we’re a fan.

14. Barcelona home

We love it, you love it, your nan probably loves it. Get in my basket.

15. AC Milan home

The Italian flag trimmings on the sleeves are so simple, but so beautiful.

16. Tottenham Hotspur third

Another completely bonkers Nike design that has no right being stunning, but absolutely is.

So many brilliant kit designs

Well, I guess I better remortgage the house…

There are more than enough classy reimaginings, loud new designs and general fashion masterpieces to have me spending more than any one man should on football shirts.

Like we say, though, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to naming the best kits in the business and no doubt some of our selections wouldn’t end up in your wardrobe if you were paid to buy it.

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But hold that thought for a second, because we’ll be coming to you with the worst 2022/23 kits that have been released or leaked so far very soon…

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