Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Update: Release Date and Patch Notes

Apex Legends Mobile Patch Notes

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Patch Notes have finally been released and we have got a full list of all the changes coming to the game.

After months of waiting and hype, Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 is here in all it’s glory for players to jump in and enjoy. EA and Respawn Entertainment have finally graced us with Season 1 Apex Legends Mobile, featuring a brand new legend, Fade.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Patch Notes have also been released which gives us a better idea of all the changes and balances. The patch notes also contain information about new legend Fade’s abilities, as well as changes to both the game and shop.

The Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 patch notes also shares details about the brand new Battle Pass, which includes Fade at level 25 in the free tier. The patch notes also lists bug fixes and improvements.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 patch notes and release date.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Update Release Date

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 patch notes were released ahead of the game’s global launch. The Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 patch notes came out on Monday, 16th May, 2022.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Patch Notes

Here are all the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 patch notes in full. They have been gathered from the official website of the Apex Legends Mobile developers (EA):

New Legend: Fade

Ignacio Huamaní was the youngest in a family of military-tech hunters. Working together, they made a living “recovering” weaponry and selling it to the highest bidder. As the youngest, he was the lookout, and eager to prove he could handle more. So he took on a contract with a mysterious client, and acquired the suit for him. But it was a trap: his family died, and the suit propelled him into another dimension. It’s been a long journey, but he’s finally back, and ready to find justice and redemption in the Apex Games. He can’t turn back the clock for his family, but on the Battlefield, he is the master of not only his own destiny, but the destiny of those in his crosshairs.

Passive: Slipstream

  • Fade gains a short movement speed boost at the end of his slide.

Tactical: Flashback

  • Fade’s suit rips him backwards through another dimension, phasing him to his previous location.

Phase Chamber

  • Fade throws an activator core from his suit.The resulting explosion phases everyone within the radius for a few seconds making them unable to deal or receive damage.

Game Modes:

Advance Training Level

  • In the Advance Training Level, you can practice advanced techniques and weapon handling skills in a free environment. Practice makes perfect!
  • Practice and hone your skills for rewards in weekly challenges! Missions and objectives will rotate weekly. Complete these challenges to earn juicy rewards.

New Arena Map: Overflow

  • Things are heating up and Overflow is the perfect map for spicy plays! Tight corners, lanes and flanking opportunities await you and your teammates at Overflow’s unique POIs. Will you be on fire or get burned in this lava-ish new edition to the Arena map pool?

New Feature: Team Fill

  • Nobody likes a quitter. But now, that’s not such a big deal. Auto team fill is a new feature that will bring players into active games if another player leaves prematurely. (Only active in Team Deathmatch)
Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Patch Notes

Shop Updates

  • Complete challenges to unlock levels and rewards in the Apex Legends Mobile Battlepass. In Apex Legends: Mobile, items are tiered from D to S. Unlock the “Vermin Control” skin for Caustic and the “SOS Signal” for the Kraber just by starting the pass. Along the way, Gibraltar’s “Gentle Giant”, Mirage’s “Graffiti Artist”, “Ready for Impact” Pathfinder and the “Authorized Personnel Only” Havoc. You’ll also earn banner frames, holosprays, emotes, trackers, weapon charms and more.
  • The Battle Pass also gives players opportunities to unlock Fade. By reaching level 25 in the free Battle Pass or purchasing 10 levels of the premium and then attaining 15 more normal levels, he’ll join the Roster.

Co-Op Club Missions & Club Store:

  • This brand new feature allows squads to pick challenges they want to achieve together to unlock rewards in the brand new Club Store!


  • A brand new Emote system is coming to Apex Legends Mobile allowing you to conveniently communicate with friend and foe alike.

Weapons, Attachments, & Gear:

  • New Weapon: 30-30 Marksman Rifle.
  • New Scope: 4x – 10x Thermal imaging Optic
  • New Gear: Heatshields
  • Replicators will now drop in random locations within the Ring

Legend Perk System:

  • New visual upgrades to the system
  • Added Legend rewards to the perk system, earn rewards by completing Legend-specific objectives
  • Added a perk planning feature to plot your next move ahead of time
  • Added a perk recommendation feature to help you get straight into the action

Weapon Changes:

Triple Take

  • Changed ammo type to energy
  • Weapon type changed to Marksman Rifle
  • Can now equip energy mags and sniper stocks

G7 Scout

  • Weapon type changed to Marksman Rifle

Volt SMG

  • Damage increased from 15 -> 17
  • Mag size increased to 35

Fully Kitted Weapons

  • Removed: Hemlok, Devotion LMG, Mozambique
  • Added: Flatline, L-Star, 30-30

Supply Drops:

  • Removed Peacekeeper
  • Added Volt SMG

Apex Legends Mobile In Belgium

  • Unfortunately, we won’t be publishing Apex Legends™ Mobile in Belgium due to the local regulatory situation around paid random rewards.

Bug Fixes And Improvements

  • FPS optimization pass for iPhone 13 or newer devices
  • Fixed Gibraltar’s shield bounce while aiming down sights
  • Fixed an issue with Gibraltar’s ult not behaving correctly
  • Fixed various textural issues on models
  • Fixed an issue where Pathfinder’s grappling hook would not disengage
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Pathfinder’s grapple hook to interact incorrectly with his model
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in dropships if repeatedly tapping their tactical skill
  • While active, Mirage’s decoys can now imitate Mirage’s emotes
  • Fixed an issue where some railings could not be jumped over.
  • Fixed a collision issue that caused throwables to pass through doors if another player is close colliding with it.
  • Red weapons will now automatically pick up ammunition.
  • Fixed some out of bounds areas on World’s Edge
  • Fixed an issue where nameplates would pile together while on dropship
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

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