Elden Ring: Survey reveals what players love about the game

A screenshot taken from Elden Ring. (Credit: FromSoftware)

A new Elden Ring survey has revealed which parts of the game players enjoyed the most, along with polling them on bosses, weapons, and their favourite locations in the game.

As per NME, the game survey was commissioned by developers From Software and was conducted by Famitsu. It was published earlier this month, and there is a translation from Frontline Gaming Japan.

The survey was sent out in April and 1,700 Elden Ring players responded; the highest age group polled were 333 people aged from 25 to 29.

The average playtime of Elden Ring will not be surprising to anyone who has actually played the game, as 499 players clocked between 100 and 150 hours of playtime.

Just seven of those players played Elden Ring for less than ten hours and a staggering 112 players have clocked up over 300 hours in the Lands Between.

That is an astonishing number, but it speaks to just how rich the game world is and how incredible an experience it has been for players.

Players’ favourite NPCs were Ranni the Witch, which comes as no surprise given that she is one of the first that players meet, and she gives you the ability to summon Spirit Ashes, Iron Fist Alexander and Blaidd.

In addition to Ranni being one of the favourites, the survey also asked players which spirit ash was their favourite.

Elden Ring Steam Deck

They responded by giving the Mimic Tear 721 votes, making it comfortably the favourite. Mimic Tear Ashes, of course, let players call in another version of themselves to help fight bosses.

Additional players have asked for downloadable content, which makes sense, while some have even asked for a prequel, potentially to see exactly how the Lands Between became so corrupted.

In addition to that, Starscourge Radahn and Malenia are players’ favourite bosses.

The stat that players most prioritised was Vigor – it gives players more health, so that makes sense – ahead of Endurance and Dexterity.

Perhaps surprisingly, the favourite weapon of players surveyed were Katanas.

Finally, players were questioned on their favourite part of the game, and the majority said the story and world, along with the boss combat and the multiplayer.

Elden Ring, of course, has been a mega hit for From Software and it seems that players absolutely love the game.

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