AEW: Mike Tyson sparking a mass brawl in 2020 was the definition of chaos

Mike Tyson brawl

It took an entire crew of wrestlers to hold Iron Mike back from causing some serious damage 😱

There aren’t many bigger names in the fight game than Mike Tyson.

The legendary boxer shot to fame in the late 1980’s as he became the youngest heavyweight world champion in the history of the sport.

His merciless manner and ruthless dispatching of opponents made him one of the most feared combatants of all time.

The fact that he earned himself the nickname of ‘The baddest man on the planet’ should come as no surprise when you watch highlights of Mike in his pomp.

His career took many a controversial turn, however, and it would eventually end with Mike really struggling to recreate those heady early days.

Mike lived quite the life back in those days but it was his spectacular temper that often attracted the most headlines.

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Wild press conferences, losing it in live interviews or biting opponents became part and parcel of Mike’s mantra as his career wore on.

Fortunately, Tyson has mellowed in his latter years and is now the host of a very successful podcast while also making a brief return to the ring in November 2020.

However, every now and then, Mike gives us a reminder of just how explosive his temper can be and never was it more on show than during an appearance on All Elite Wrestling.

It was May 2020 and, with the world in the grips of lockdown, Iron Mike gave us all some more than welcome respite by sparking a mass brawl after a disagreement with wrestling legend, Chris Jericho.

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Which New York borough was Mike Tyson born in?

Tyson made his way to the ring flanked by the likes of Vitor Belfort before Jericho tried to diffuse the situation by calling on all parties to calm down.

A rather heated exchange of words then culminated in Jericho calling on Tyson to apologise for betraying him a decade prior.

Tyson wasn’t having any of it, tearing his shirt, gesticulating and then pushing Jericho.

What followed was utter chaos as the scene blurred into a mass of bodies with both camps drawn into the fracas.

You can see it below:

Incredible – have you ever seen anything like it?

Tyson can’t help but cause chaos whenever he pitches up on AEW. His massive knockout punch on a different appearance was also a massive hit among fans.

The moral of the story is that, whenever Iron Mike is involved, you have to expect the unexpected.

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