Fortnite: New live event set for next month, dataminers claim

Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 Week 8

Fortnite is set to host a new live event next month, according to dataminers via Gamesradar.

A brand new update for Fortnite Battle Royale was released on all platforms on Tuesday May 17th 2022.

Dataminers have subsequently taken a look at files that are not available in the game yet and there has now been confirmation of a new live event taking place next month.

The leak itself comes from Fortnite Intel on Twitter and they have even discovered the date that the event is set to go live.

The event is set to start in 17 days, which is Friday June 3rd.

That countdown timer places the event as taking place in the afternoon for the West and East Coast audiences, and it isn’t clear exactly when the game’s latest event will release in Europe.

There is no information on what the event could actually be, however, so there will remain speculation on that front for some time.

Per Gamesradar, there is speculation that this could be the final event of Season 3, bringing a transition between the current Season and the upcoming Season 4.

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Fortnite have done that before, and it would make sense, given that the game is constantly updated and refreshed for both new and old players.

There is also the potential that this could be some type of live event, following on from concerts performed by the likes of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

That would be a huge update that would draw a great deal of attention but it’s more likely that this will be a smaller event in scope, given that we would expect to have heard more about an upcoming concert featuring an A-list artist.

Still, keep it tuned to GiveMeSport and we’ll bring you all the latest information when it becomes available.

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