Dislyte Tier List: All Espers Ranked

Dislyte Esper Tier List

The gaming community are thoroughly enjoying the new role-playing game Dislyte and we have created a tier list to help you decide which Esper to play as.

In Dislyte, you fight alongside heroes with godlike powers and this urban mythological RPG has a lot of great Espers to pick between, so the decision can be hard.

For those who do not know, Espers are basically the characters or heroes which you can play as in the new game.

With so many to choose from, everyone’s opinion on who are the best will most definitely vary. Here is our latest Esper Tier List for Dislyte.

How our Dislyte Tier List works

Like many tier lists out there, the best heroes will be in the ‘SS’ ranking, after that, the order from best to worst is “S,A,B,C,D”.

Dislyte Esper Tier List (August 2022)

This is our latest Tier List for heroes in Dislyte. No doubt this will be subject to change as games love to do regular updates. In these updates, we typically see characters get buffed or nerfed, so we will update this page when we need to do so.

Here is GiveMeSport’s official list for all the Dislyte Espers:

SS: Raven, Li Ling, Gabrielle, Sally, Ye Suhua, Ophelia

S: Donar, Tiye, Tang Xuan, Narmer, Li Ling, Lucas, Fabrice, Chloe, Lin Xiao, Melanie, Lauren

A: Jin Yuyao, Unas, Cecilia, Sienna, Asenath, Mona, Eira, Sandar, Ren Si, Chang Pu, Drew, Tang Yun, Freddy, Unky Chai, Alice

B: Lewis, Hyde, Biondina, Clara, Trevor, Djoser, Jiang Man, Celine, Lu Yi, Heng Yue, Luo Yan, Catherine, Long Mian, Lynn, Anesidora, Bonnie, Xie Yushi, Dhalia, Chalmers, Jeanne, Jiang Jiuli

C: Triki, Falken, Pritzker, Jacob, Taylor, Xie Chuyi, Kaylee, Bardon, Brynn, Q, Zelmer, Hall, David, Berenice, Leon, Helena, Bai Liuli

D: Kara, Arcana, Alexa, Li Ao, Layla,

Dislyte Esper Tier List

Ranked from 5-1

5: Raven

Raven is a great Esper to play as and definitely belongs in the SS tier. You can use this character for any type of battle as they are a strong AoE offensive DPS Esper with strong group dispels, so it is definitely worth trying Raven out if you like multiple gaming styles.

Raven Esper Dislyte image from Dislyte
Image from Dislyte

4: Li Ling

Another SS tier Esper is Li Ling. You could definitely use Li Ling if you want to be an attacking force in the game as they are an extremely strong DPS Esper and what is great about the hero is the fact that they are self healing.

Li Ling Dislyte Esper
Image from Dislyte

3: Sally

Sally is a healer Esper with stronger dispels and the ability to reduce enemy damage. This is key to have on your team and is why she places in this top five.

Sally Dislyte Esper
Image from Dislyte

2: Ye Suhua

What is pretty cool about Ye Suhua is the fact that they are a support Esper with the unique ability to shield a target ally with strong invincibility. To be able to protect teammates is crucial in Dislyte and they are also strong in attack to.

Ye Suhua Dislyte Esper
Image from Dislyte

1: Gabrielle

Gabrielle is no doubt the strongest Esper in the game at the time of writing (Thursday 19th May 2022). When it comes to strength, power and agility, you need to use Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a support Esper and is so strong because they are able to mass buff and debuff each team.

Gabrielle Dislyte Esper
Image from Dislyte

Do you agree with our tier list? Are you happy with our top five? Get in touch and let us know!

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