Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: 'Knockout' footage is still so damning

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: 'Knockout' footage is still so damning

Almost a year ago, legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather came out of retirement for an exciting exhibition bout with YouTuber Logan Paul at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

Mayweather had certainly faced much more challenging and much more experienced fighters in his iconic 50-0 career, but Paul was the heaviest fighter he ever faced and was 20 years younger.

While he invited Paul to try and surprise him in the first two rounds, which saw the YouTuber land more strikes than the undefeated champion, he quickly took control of the fight from there.

What the referee and many onlookers missed, however, was the moment when Mayweather grabbed Paul after landing two shots to his head before the bell rang in the sixth round.

Paul was visibly weak at the knees and started falling forward towards Mayweather, who held him up as the YouTuber nearly went to sleep in his arms.

While Mayweather possibly didn’t realise he was going down, due to the nature of the exhibition, it is possible he kept him up to keep the fight going.

The exhibition bout was primarily held to put some more money in their pockets and it was palpable both from the performance and the reaction of spectators in attendance.

No official scoring cards or results and eight rounds of dancing around without many punches, as Mayweather took no risk of losing his perfect record to a fluke punch from Paul.

Recently, Paul had been speaking out publicly about still not being paid for the fight in full and claimed he would be taking Mayweather to court.

Paul said: “No, he has not paid me in full. That is a fact. Short a few mil. We’re taking this one to court. See you in the courtroom. Congrats on going to prison, Floyd.”

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