UFC: Brock Lesnar wanted to 'end' Frank Mir in 2009 as brutal footage re-emerges

Brock Lesnar wanted to 'end' Frank Mir

Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir faced off in an epic rivalry over 10 years ago, with the rematch being one of the UFC‘s most memorable heavyweight bouts.

Lesnar first fought Mir in his UFC debut in 2008 and lost to a knee bar after the referee controversially deducted points off him for striking Mir in the back of the head.

Many wrote Lesnar off as a flop, thinking he didn’t have the potential to compete in the Octagon, but he quickly proved them all wrong and marched his way to the heavyweight title with two consecutive wins, beating Heath Herring and then Randy Couture.

Mir went on to criticise Lesnar and publicly gloat about his victory, much to the dislike of the WWE Superstar, which really fuelled the narrative for their eventual rematch.

Who better to defend his new title against first than the only man to beat him so far? And thus, the heavyweight title bout Lesnar vs. Mir II was announced for the milestone event UFC 100.

“This fight is all about revenge,” Lesnar said prior to the rematch.

Lesnar took Mir down to the canvas and kept him there for the duration of the first round, and did some damage to his opponent’s eye, who remained smiling throughout.

But Lesnar wasn’t smiling, he had only revenge on his mind and he took it with full force as he took him to the ground in the second, and using his wrestling expertise, pounded Mir’s face for a TKO.

Referee Herb Dean wasn’t too quick to stop Lesnar, who seemed like he wanted to tear Mir’s head off as he went on a tirade following his victory.

Lesnar flipped off the crowd for booing him and insulted his opponent in the post-fight interview, even bashing UFC’s sponsor Bud Light as he got caught up in the emotion of his victory.

The antics were a somewhat bitter cherry on top of UFC’s biggest event up to that time in history, but it was a shining moment for Lesnar as he retained the UFC heavyweight title and proved his doubters wrong.

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