Angry Birds arrive in Minecraft as part of new DLC

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Angry Birds is coming to Minecraft in a crossover DLC we did not know we needed!

Two of the biggest games of the 2010s are now combining in a mash-up that will allow players to essentially play Angry Birds within Minecraft.

As per Gamespot, the DLC is available now on the Minecraft Marketplace and you can dive straight into an Angry Birds-style game.

The mechanics and characters are translated directly into the world of Minecraft and it really is a sight to behold.

The DLC allows players to go through a variety of missions, unlocking playable characters and players are also able to play Angry Birds in Minecraft with friends in the co-op mode.

There are six Angry Birds characters in the game, and there are 10 character skins.

Rovio Entertainment, the studio that developed Angry Birds, sent out the following press release, via nintendolife: “Developed by Oreville Studios, the DLC features two birdtastic game modes: Classic Mode lets players fling birds from a giant slingshot to take down teetering piggy towers, just like in the original Angry Birds games – only now in the beloved blocky style of Minecraft.

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“Mission Mode, presents the player with four unique environments to explore, challenging players to rescue the members of the Angry Birds flock including Chuck, Bomb, Stella, and more. Once unlocked, the birds are available as playable characters with their own special abilities to be used against the flock’s arch nemeses, the green piggies. Players can also find golden eggs which contain adorable Hatchling friends.”

You can play through the missions in the classic style of Minecraft’s exploration, while there is also the option of using ‘classic mode’. The latter is very closely aligned with the original style of Angry Birds.

The DLC isn’t free and will cost 1340 Minecoins, which is worth just under £10 in the UK.

Initial reviews of the DLC are very positive, even if it does feel somewhat like the horse has bolted here.

Indeed, the early 2010s were when both IPs were at their zenith, and there has even been an Angry Birds Movie in the time since it hit shelves.

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