Throwback footage of Phillip Lindsay should leave Indianapolis Colts fans buzzing

Phillip Lindsay of the Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts fans should be preparing themselves for something incredible after it was announced they have signed Phillip Lindsay. 

The Indianapolis Colts were something of an enigma last year, despite bringing in Carson Wentz to replace Phillip Rivers and having one of the best rushing attacks in the league with 2,540 yards and 22 touchdowns, mostly led by Jonathan Taylor, their passing attack let them down.

They passed for 3,361 yards last season and just 27 touchdowns, but still somehow went into the final week of the season with a chance of making the playoffs, only to somehow fall to the worst team in the league in the Jacksonville Jaguars and allow the Pittsburgh Steelers to sneak in.  

So it’s clear what the manta is inside Lucas Oil Stadium, running the ball is the backbone to a successful team in Indianapolis. 

Adding more weapons to the attack

Jonathan Taylor acted as their bell-cow last season, rushing for 1,811 yards across the season, blowing his nearest competitor, Nick Chubb of the Cleveland Browns out of the water as he could only manage 1,259:

But they appear to have got him someone to help take the load off of him, that being Phillip Lindsay, who following two breakout seasons in 2018 and 2019 when he first entered the league with the Denver Broncos, has somewhat fallen out of sight and mind.

He played the 2021 season with the Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins where he wasn’t used as much as he was in Denver, but this could be the chance for him to resurrect his career as a solid #2 back behind Taylor. 

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Potential for something special

And if he can produce a few more runs like these as he did back in the 2020 season against the Los Angeles Chargers, then he will very quickly ingratiate himself to the Indianapolis Colts fanbase:

And who knows, instead of leaning on Taylor for so much, they could become a pretty powerful one-two punch that the Colts can build an offence around, giving both of them equal time and plenty of rest to be even more explosive. 

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