Bryan Danielson, aka Daniel Bryan, involved in scary moment on AEW Rampage

Bryan Danielson, aka Daniel Bryan, involved in scary moment on AEW Rampage

Ex-WWE star Bryan Danielson was involved in a freak accident during Wednesday night’s AEW Rampage filming.

Danielson seemed to be in a considerable amount of pain when the video footage emerged, as he was caught on camera limping and struggling to keep his footing.

The episode of Dynamite saw the Blackpool Combat Club, Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz, confront the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Danielson and Jon Moxley defeated Dante Martin and Matt Syndal in a heated match that is set to air on Friday night.

When a fight broke out, Danielson’s leg was awkwardly trapped between the ring and the ramp. Ouch!

Some fans in the arena claimed that his leg was stuck for a good few minutes before a medical team were able to come to the rescue and free him.

Those who watched on said that part of the ramp needed to be taken out to free his limb. Danielson can be seen grimacing in pain as medical assistance tried their very hardest to make the ordeal a brief one.

However, fan footage of the incident shows that this was much easier said than done, those in assistance can be seen desperately yanking the ramp with little success.

Other footage captured of the incident shows Danielson refusing help from staff and walking away by himself. Fans will be pleased to see him up and about on his own two feet and moving without assistance.

Before exiting the arena, Bryan can be seen having an exchange with Eddie Kingston, giving him a thumbs up, which we can presume means he is alright.

None the less, it was a nasty night for Bryan as he left the arena with a considerable limp. The extent of his injury is still unclear, but hopefully we see him back in that ring in no time at all.

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