Street Fighter 6: Everything We Know So Far

Street Fighter 6 Release

The next instalment in Capcom’s favoured fighting game series will be Street Fighter 6. If you are wondering when it is releasing or does it have a trailer, then here’s everything known so far about Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 5 came out in 2016 and it’s been a long time since we have heard or seen anything about the series’ next instalment. 2022 so far has shaped up quite an exciting and thrilling year and chances are the developers can turn on the heat and surprise players with some more Street Fighter 6.

Capcom, in February 2022, released a teaser for Street Fighter 6 over on its official Street Fighter YouTube channel, which shows an older, but even more muscled up Ryu. The under 40-second teaser had everything to hype the players.

The brief teaser also reveals Ryu in his iconic red headband and his white karate trousers. However, he seems to have dropped his karate jacket. His new look certainly raised many eyebrows and many simply can’t wait to jump back into the game.

From release date to leaks, here’s everything that is currently known about Street Fighter 6.

Latest News

Update 30th May: A leak has revealed that the first trailer for Street Fighter 6 will be revealed at the upcoming Playstation State of Play event. This event takes place on Thursday 2nd June 2022.

Update 8th June: A massive leak revealed the whole roster of Street Fighter 6 shortly after Capcom‘s full announcement of the game.

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Street Fighter 6 Release Date

As of writing this article, the answer to when is Street Fighter 6 coming out is pretty much up in the air as Capcom has shared no release date for Street Fighter 6. 

However, what’s known is that the game is currently in development and going by the teaser trailer, we might get to learn more about Street Fighter 6 release date in the coming months. 

Street Fighter 6 Trailer

The developers have been pretty radio silent in terms of any big announcements or gameplay reveals. There’s only one Street Fighter 6 trailer which shows an insanely buffed up Ryu preparing to duel against a newcomer to the series, Luke. 

That’s all we know so far in terms of what characters will be in the game. We might even get to see the return of characters like Chun-Li, Ken, and Cammy in the sixth instalment of the series.

What else is known about Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Ryu

The developers have been very tight-lipped about the whole affair and haven’t shared any details surrounding Street Fighter 6’s gameplay or mechanics. So, unfortunately, for now, we don’t have any information or details about what the game will be like.

That’s everything we currently know for now. If any additional news is shared for Street Fighter 6, the article will be updated accordingly.

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