Georges St-Pierre reveals exactly how he would beat Kamaru Usman

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has explained how he would defeat Kamaru Usman if they met in his prime.

The last few years have seen Kamaru Usman establish himself as one of the best fighters of his generation and arguably, one of the greatest of all-time. In terms of being recognised as the welterweight GOAT, though, the champion still has some work to do as a result of the incredible run Georges St-Pierre had at 170 pounds.

GSP has been retired from mixed martial arts for the last few years and almost certainly won’t be stepping back into the Octagon. Still, it’s always fun to think about what could’ve been, which is why his hypothetical answer to the Usman riddle during an interview with James Lynch was so fascinating.

“Usman has a style that is very good at chain wrestling. He’s very good when he puts his opponent against the fence. He can do it all, he’s very well-rounded, but his main speciality is putting his opponent against the fence and working from there.”

“My style, I was more a guy that moves. Hit and run, so to speak. That was my game, so my game would’ve been to put him down but with fakes, proactive and reactive takedowns. If I fought him I would’ve tried to put him on his back, because I’ve never seen him there. That would’ve been my strategy.”

“Where someone seems stronger than everybody, there’s a place where you need to attack because sometimes their strength can get transformed to a weak link. You never know how he fights on his back, nobody has ever exposed him there.”

The next big test

Kamaru Usman is still in the process of recovering from surgery that was done in order to help him fix a nasty hand injury he’d been dealing with. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ doesn’t currently have a fight scheduled, but all signs are pointing toward him colliding with Leon Edwards later this summer.

UFC 278 on August 20 has been pinpointed as the potential target date but if these issues persist, it may take a while longer before we see him get back in there.

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