Cody Rhodes wants to elevate the WWE Intercontinental title

  • Ash Rose

Cody Rhodes believes he could elevate the Intercontinental Championship if he were to win the title once again in WWE

Rhodes has already twice held the Intercontinental Championship, first winning the belt in 2011 whilst portraying the ‘Undashing’ Cody Rhodes gimmick.

It was during this run that Rhodes famously brought back the title’s classic design from the 1990s, complete with white strap. A move that was met with huge positivity by fans, who saw it as a move to give the title the importance it deserves. 

Cody Rhodes as Intercontinental Champion in 2011

Speaking to WWE UK ahead of this September’s huge Clash at the Castle event in Cardiff, Rhodes commented on another run with the championship and how he would try to elevate the belt rather than use it to help himself move further up the card.

The Intercontinental run was a massive, massive deal for me because I felt like it put me in the position to continue up the card. I think if I was to have the IC Title now, I would be less interested in my own selfish climbing up of the card and more putting the Intercontinental Title on a pedestal. That’s a bit of a calling card of mine. There’s a saying in the industry “the belt can make the man, or the man can make the belt”. I know that’s not the popular nomenclature that WWE uses, Title, Championship, it’s all the same in terms of what you can do for it. I think I could do wonders for it. My goal is the WWE Championship but there’s a lot of roads to get there. No pun intended. If it runs through the Intercontinental Title I would be more than proud to carry one of the industry’s most prestigious Championships.

The Intercontinental Title isn’t the only goal for The American Nightmare, going on to discuss his ultimate goal of winning the WWE Title and finally having the name Rhodes as part of the championship’s lineage. 

 “I don’t want to say that it’s the most important thing in my life because I don’t want to put so much pressure on myself. If you know me and, fortunately and unfortunately, I have been so open and grown up in front of the audience that they do really know me, I think they know that it is the most important thing. That all the pressure in the world is on me to do it. It is the one that got away. No Rhodes got their hands on it.

I have said it, made it clear, and if it goes unobtained that’s one thing but I just couldn’t let it go unsaid. With that in mind I have a habit of very much putting things out in the universe when it comes to sports entertainment and making sure they happen. I am a big, big proponent of sticking to your word. I would love to give my word to the WWE Universe that not only do I want it, but I am going to get it. Only time will tell.

Before Cody can think about any championship or Clash at the Castle, he will once again go head-to-head with Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins at next month’s Hell in a Cell show – inside the confines of the steel structure. 

WWE Clash at the Castle emanates from Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022, marking WWE’s first major stadium event to be held in the United Kingdom in 30 years.

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