Deontay Wilder’s 2008 Olympics highlights shows he’s always been incredibly powerful

  • Max Emes
Deontay Wilder at the Olympics

Deontay Wilder still has that distinctive one-two combination that has proved to be deadly in the ring for the American during the tenure of his career so far.

In the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Wilder took on Algeria’s Abdelaziz Toublini.

Despite being late to the party when starting his boxing career at 20, Wilder managed to secure a bronze medal in the heavyweight division in Beijing after beating Toublini 10-4 in the Round of 16 at 91kg.

The Algerian was knocked out of the competition in his debut Olympics following his defeat to Wilder.

His victory over Toublini gave him the nickname the ‘Bronze Bomber.’ So much so, that this nickname was inspired by Joe Louis, who was known as ‘The Brown Bomber.’

Louis was a former world heavyweight champion from 1937 until his temporary retirement in 1949. A boxer that Wilder aspired to be like in his early days during his career.

Deontay Wilder

Even 14 years ago, we can see that Wilder utilised his excellent one-two combination as an amateur boxer that would be followed up with his famous killer extinct of wanting to get a quick KO.

Wilder would get close to his opponents, allowing him to throw a barrage of punches in quick succession.

However, being eager to get a KO did mean that Wilder missed many follow up punches as his accuracy of hitting the target would worsen.

His one-two combo is a skill that would still be used in his career today as a pro.

It would only be a decade later that Wilder perfected this combo as he sent Tyson Fury to the floor after a series of devastating blows he had endured onto ‘The Gypsy King’ at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in 2018.

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