Teenage quarterback goes viral as he shows off his incredibly unique skill

Mikey Gow

A video has emerged of a rather talented quarterback who has a skill set that gives him a rather unique advantage.

When you’re a quarterback, you need to have something that takes you well and above the competition to avoid just being thrown in with the rest of the ‘pile’. 

Whether it be Michael Vick’s incredible speed that saw him pop off the screen and dazzle everybody back in the early 2000’s, having a cannon for an arm like Patrick Mahomes that can get you to any receiver on the field, or incredible decision-making like Aaron Rodgers that has him holding the NFL record for the touchdown: interception ratio.

But one player who is going viral on social media might just have a skillset that beats them all hands down and could cause a number of problems moving forward if he makes it to the professional level.

Who is he and what’s his talent?

High school quarterback Mikey Gow has set the internet ablaze with conversation as ESPN’s Sportscenter posted footage taken of Gow on TikTok showing that his unique ability is that he is ambidextrous and can therefore throw, pretty well it must be said, with both hands:

The advantages of this are pretty obvious, there’s no better way to keep an opposing defence guessing than by not knowing which arm you’re throwing from and what the angles you can reach whilst on the run.

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Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers play?

Mikey making waves

The video claims that there are a number of top US Colleges that are showing an interest in him including the likes of Notre Dame, Michigan, Oklahoma State and Nebraska, so he could very well be on his way to the top. 

And it’s not just colleges that are taking an interest in his skill, as there were a number of people on social media who were left equally impressed by what they saw, making their thoughts known, even appearing to get support from one very famous face:

Just what this could lead to for him in the future is as yet unknown, it could be that this gimmick only really works at high school level, it could be that we’ve just seen the start of the next great quarterback prodigy.

Only time will tell, but it will certainly be a pretty unique journey to follow in the coming years.

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