Worst boxing ring walk ever? Scott Quigg's in 2010 from his mum's house

Scott Quigg ring-walk

There aren’t many boxers who will tell you that winning the psychological battle just isn’t important.

In fact, for some, it was almost more important than the fight itself.

Mike Tyson was a true master of the art, often having fights won long before he ever stepped into the ring thanks to his regime of intimidation and spine-tingling ring-walks.

There was just an aura about Tyson that would leave opponents shivering as they watched him slowly approach the ring, sometimes just to the sound of clanking chains.

Tyson Fury has also made a big deal of his entries, although he’s got a bit more of an eye for the theatrical than Iron Mike did.

However, none of them will ever top the ring-walk fans were treated by Scott Quigg as he aimed to secure the super-bantamweight world championship back in 2010.

17-0 at the time, Quigg was fighting in his home town of Bury for the first time in his career and it’s safe to say he truly leant into home-town comforts.

Instead of choosing an intimidating backing score or going for a bit of pomp and ceremony, Quigg simply went for a entrance that showed him walking from his mum’s house around the corner.

Quigg was fully kitted out for a fight. Shirtless, gloved up and with a face like thunder, Quigg is seen charging through the town of Bury, wheelie bins and all, to the tune of Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’.

Now, 12 years later, a retired Quigg has reflected on the iconic moment.

“To me it was a good memory,” he began, speaking to Boxing King Media.

“When I first did that, everyone was like, ‘Oh that was really good.’ Everybody thought it was mint. But it’s not aged well. The amount of stick that I had as time went on. I still get stick today about it.”

Quigg would go onto the win the fight, but, unfortunately, it will always be remembered for his trip through the streets from his mum’s.

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