Stephanie McMahon WWE leave of absence: Vince McMahon's daughter makes shock announcement

Stephanie McMahon WWE

Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon‘s daughter, has announced a shock leave of absence from WWE.

Stephanie has worked behind the scenes in WWE since the late 1990s in a business sense, starting out as an Account Executive.

After stints on the creative team, actually heading it up at one stage, McMahon became an Executive Vice President for WWE, and later a Chief Branding Officer.

The CBO position is one that McMahon holds to this day, but she isn’t going to be working with WWE for at least the immediate future.

Taking to Twiter, Stephanie announced that, as of tomorrow, she is going to be taking a leave of absence from WWE.

Stephanie explained that she will not be fulfilling “the majority” of her WWE responsibilities during her time away from the company, which was to be expected.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any ill-will towards WWE, as Steph explained that she will be returning at some stage.

She explained that she is taking this time away from WWE “to focus on [her] family”, but provided no information beyond that.

This comes just over a month after Triple H returned to his behind-the-scenes roles within WWE after nearly dying due to a genetic heart issue in 2021.

Speaking of exits from WWE for the McMahon family, Shane McMahon was reportedly “let go” by WWE in January.

Stephanie’s brother, who did hold less backstage responsibilities in WWE, was let go after an incident at the Royal Rumble involving his father and Brock Lesnar.

We all hope that Stephanie McMahon is healthy and happy right now, and we look forward to seeing her back in a behind-the-scenes WWE capacity when she feels the time is right to do so.

Until then, make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport for any potential updates or new information on the matter.

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