Halo Infinite Season 2: First Drop Pod could release next week

Halo Infinite Season 2: First Drop Pod Could Release Next Week 343 Reveals

It seems like Halo Infinite Season 2’s first Drop Pod release might happen sometime next week, as revealed by one of 343 developers.

Halo Infinite Season 2 dubbed Lone Wolves has not had the best of starts and the community was quite unhappy with several things and issues. 343 Industries was quick to acknowledge these things and had assured players that fixes and updates will be rolling out soon.

While the ongoing season had a substantial amount of content and maps to keep players engaged, a majority of the players started to point out different issues and bugs that required fixing. 

Halo Infinite devs assured fans that fixes are on their way and even confirmed that the first Drop Pod would be dropping soon. Now, it seems like 343 Industries are finally ready to deploy or ship the update, if a recent tweet by John Junyszek, Senior Community Manager at 343 Industries is to be believed.

Here’s what John Junyszek said regarding Halo Infinite Season 2’s first Drop Pod release date and what it means for players.

Halo Infinite Drop Pod Release Date

Halo Infinite First Drop Pod

Last week, 343 Industries communicated all the expected and forthcoming changes to Halo Infinite Season 2 in a post on the Halo Waypoint forumsThe post was well received by fans and many were excited for all the upcoming and new changes.

It seems like Halo Infinite players won’t have to wait too long for the update as it might just be around the corner. That’s according to John Junyszek who is the senior community manager at 343 Industries.

In one of their recent tweets, Junyszek, who goes under the Twitter label of @Unyshek, quote tweeted a Halo tweet with the update. His quote tweet read: “Update: We are targeting next week for this release. We’ll continue to share updates as we get closer.”

While this isn’t much to go by at first but it does seem to somewhat solidify the release date for Halo Infinite’s first Drop Pod update. This means that we can expect the update to launch sometime by Friday, 27 May. However, no exact release dates have been shared.

The Drop Pod update will bring fixes to several known issues such as weapon jamming, the tank gun glitch, and more. There are also PC stability improvements and other fixes on the cards.

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