Stephanie McMahon: Compilation of her brutal slaps as she takes WWE leave of absence

Stephanie McMahon WWE

There’s no denying that Stephanie McMahon is the proud owner of one of the most brutal slaps in WWE history.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Stephanie announced that she’s going to be taking a leave of absence from WWE from today.

Steph explained that she will not be fulfilling the majority of her duties as WWE CBO while she spends her time away focusing on her family.

And now, off the back of that news, a lot of people on social media are chatting about ‘The Billion Dollar Princess’.

As well as her work behind-the-scenes within WWE, which started in the 1990s, Stephanie has worked as an on-screen character for WWE for over 20 years now.

As part of her work on WWE TV, Steph has delivered her fair share of slaps, one of her signature moves during feuds.

And let’s be honest, anyone that’s seen Steph hit talent with a slap knows that she’s got one of the most brutal hooks in WWE history.

As can be seen above, a compilation of some of Steph’s brutal slaps was posted on social media after her announcement last night.

Hitting slaps on the likes of Brie Bella, The Rock, Ric Flair, Ronda Rousey and even her own father, Steph always generates a pretty big sound with one of her hits.

The reaction to the compilation has suggested that the feeling that Stephanie has some of the most brutal slaps in WWE history is shared amongst fans online.

Reports state that Steph is taking some time away from WWE after an incredibly stressful year for her and her family, with Triple H, her husband, nearly dying due to a heart issue last summer.

We cannot wait to see Steph back working with WWE, and back on TV slapping the best wrestlers in the world week-in and week-out.

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