Cameron Jordan left buzzing on Twitter following major New Orleans Saints news

New Orleans Saints' Cameron Jordan

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan has taken to Twitter to express his delight at their cap situation.

According to a report, the New Orleans Saints had a lot of wiggling to do when it came to keeping their cap situation under control this offseason. 

The NFL has something that sets it apart from its NBA and MLB counterparts, and that’s that a salary cap is exactly that, a cap. There is no ‘luxury tax’ that allows teams to spend more by paying more, once you hit the limit, that is it.

It’s why so many contract disputes go on for so long as teams try to keep players happy whilst also making sure that they keep to that number, with this year’s being $208.2m. 

Although there is some wiggle room as teams are allowed to bring over unused space from the previous year and some players who are off the roster have ‘dead cap space’, essentially money that the team still is obliged to pay, but the long and short is that once you hit your limit, whatever it is, that’s it. 

The Saints doing salary gymnastics

As per a report in USA Today, they were in a pretty bad spot, starting the season more than $70m over the cap, and that’s before they managed to sign the likes of Tyrann Mathieu and Jarvis Landry in free agency and their entire class from the NFL Draft. 

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However, the report claims that for the second year in a row, they managed to clear more than $100m in cap space, meaning that after all of the ins and outs this offseason, they have somehow managed to come in under the cap, and with $9.6m to spend if they want to.

Looking to add to the crew

This was news that really got Cameron Jordan excited on social media, as he took to Twitter to hint that there might be more players on the way that the Saints could sign:

With plenty of preseason still to go including training camp, OTA’s and preseason games there is time for roster needs to change, most notably through injury, the roster is far from set in stone, and with a number of free agents out there still to be signed, one of them could be on their way to New Orleans to help get them back in contention for a Super Bowl victory. 

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