Front-runner to be starting quarterback emerges in Seattle Seahawks camp

Lumen Field home of the Seattle Seahawks

The battle between Geno Smith and Drew Lock to be the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks appears to have an early front runner.

Having traded away Russell Wilson this past offseason, the Seattle Seahawks are in a position that they haven’t been in since they drafted Wilson in the 2012 draft, having to find a franchise quarterback to lead the team.

Geno Smith has been on the team previously, signing for them during the 2019 season, and has seen limited playing time since then, making three starts last season when Wilson suffered a finger injury. 

Meanwhile Drew Lock came to the team from the Denver Broncos this past offseason as part of the Wilson trade, having been somewhat in and out of the lineup in Denver, starting just 21 games of the 49 available since they drafted him in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Who is the leader in the clubhouse?

So whilst none of them exactly strike you as the bonafide successor to Wilson, especially after all that he was able to do for the franchise in his years there, it is more than likely going to have to come down to one of them, barring a burst from the likes of Jacob Eason or Levi Lewis.

And according to Seattle offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, as it stands it will be Smith that will be taking the team over come the start of the season, with one key factor giving him the edge at this moment in time, that being his familiarity with the system: 

“Right now, Geno has done such a good job of carrying over (the offensive principles from 2021). He already had a head start over Drew right there. We have a long time to go. We are just in T-shirts and shorts right now, going against air. We have a long way to go to see where this competition (goes).”

A long way to go

As Waldron says, there is still plenty of room and time for things to change, and once preseason games kick in, giving Lock the chance to put plays together and execute them in a live game, then things might start to look different.

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But for now at least, he’s got to do a lot to convince the members of the Seahawks coaching staff that he should take the spot above Smith.

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