Bellew, Fury, Haye, Mayweather: The most explosive post-fight clashes in boxing history

  • Tom Ward

Boxing is a business at the end of the day so it’s no surprise boxers have often resorted to trash talking over the years to try and generate hype.

The likes of Tony Bellew, Tyson Fury, Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton all know how to cut a good promo.

Before them came Muhammad Ali, Bernard Hopkins, Jack Johnson, Mike Tyson, and Roy Jones Jr.

But sometimes it gets a little too heated every now and then as both fighters try to gain a psychological advantage over their opponent.

Sky Sports have put together a compilation of some of the most explosive post-fight clashes in boxing history.

So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy some of those iconic moments.

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Tony Bellew’s epic rant at David Haye (December 2016, London)

This was arguably where it all began after Tony Bellew launched into an explosive tirade at David Haye after beating BJ Flores.

After the fight, Bellew said: “You predicted BJ was going to beat me, didn’t you?

“He got smashed. And you see you, you’re going to get smashed too.

β€œI don’t care how big or how dangerous you think you are. We remember what happened when I was at amateur and you were fighting for the British title. Me and Pricey spanked you in the gym.

β€œWith 10oz gloves on boy, I’ll put you and that pathetic haircut to sleep.”

Haye just stood there with a smirk on his face. Absolute s**thousery at its finest.

Tyson Fury confronted Deontay Wilder after his win over Artur Szpilka

Tyson Fury goes full WWE on Deontay Wilder (January 2016, New York)

Side note: What is it about 2016?

Before they fought each other three times, Tyson Fury famously got in the ring to confront Deontay Wilder after the latter’s victory over Artur Szplika.

After singing ‘there’s only one Tyson Fury’, the Gypsy King got within centimetres of the Bronze Bomber’s face and bellowed: “Listen, anytime, any place, anywhere!

“I’ll fight you in your back garden like I done Klitschko.

“I’ll beat you you bum. You’re a bum!”

Wilder replied: “You should’ve been an actor, but when we do step in this ring, this ain’t wrestling, this ain’t the WWE baby.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

Floyd Mayweather throws a left at Shane Mosley

Shane Mosley confronts Floyd Mayweather (September 2009, Las Vegas)

Floyd Mayweather, following his dominant win over Juan Manuel Marquez, was confronted in the ring by then WBA welterweight champion Shane Mosley.

He told Max Kellerman in his post-fight interview: “I’m not scared of Shane Mosley I’m not scared of no fighter.”

His fellow American responded: “We just want to get it on that’s all.

“The fans want to see a great fight, me and ‘Money’ Mayweather, let’s get this on. Let’s do it.”

Kellerman tried to calm them both down but to no avail.

It’s fair to say Mayweather was more than a little bit rattled.

Not that it did Mosley much good in the end though to be fair…

Prince Naseem Hamed is regarded as one of the greatest fighters of his generation

Prince Naseem Hamed warns Kevin Kelley (October 1997, Sheffield)

This really was Naz at his best.

Arrogant, cocky and with a quick wit to boot, he seemed to take great delight in winding up his opponent Kevin Kelley at every opportunity.

Kelley, to his credit, tried to shrug it off, but Naz was clearly getting under his skin, as he so often did.

The fight itself was something of a watershed moment for Naz’s career, as he was forced, for the first time, to pick himself up off the canvas three times en-route to a fourth-round stoppage victory.

It was also his first of many fights on HBO.

Rob McCracken pictured with Anthony Joshua

Rob McCracken clashes with Howard Eastman (April 2001, Kingston upon Hell)

Before he became famous for training Anthony Joshua, Rob McCracken was a pretty decent boxer himself.

He also wasn’t afraid to get stuck in either as shown when he confronted wily old veteran Howard Eastman.

And while it may not be quite as well known as some of the others on the list, it is just as equally deserving.

Unfortunately for McCracken, Eastman proved to be a class above on the night.

He finished his career with an overall record of 33 victories and just two losses.

Ricky Hatton is making a comeback of sorts this year

Ricky Hatton mocks Junior Witter (April 2003, Manchester)

One of those fights that just never happened for a number of reasons despite many fans wanting to see it happen at the time.

Back then, Ricky Hatton and Junior Witter were two of the best prospects in Britain, albeit at very different stages of their careers.

Hatton, then 23, was already the WBU super-lightweight world champion, .

Witter, meanwhile, fought Jeurgen Hack on the undercard of Hatton’s clash with Vince Phillips.

It’s just a shame it never happened before they both retired.

Savannah Marshall clashes with Claressa Shields

Savannah Marshall clashes with Claressa Shields (February 2022, Cardiff)

The most recent addition to this list but a worthy one nonetheless.

Claressa Shields – nicknamed the GWOAT – won a unanimous decision over Ema Kozin in Cardiff to retain her IBF, WBA and WBC middleweight championship and edge a step closer to facing WBO title-holder Savannah Marshall.

The American didn’t take too kindly to the Englishwoman getting in her face after the fight.

She exclaimed: “I’m not scared of you. You didn’t come to America. I came here!”

Marshall however was having none of it.

She warned: “If you perform like that against me, I’ll absolutely wipe the floor with you.”

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