New England Patriots' Cole Strange had a brilliant reaction to being drafted in 1st round

New England Patriots' Cole Strange

The New England Patriots’ 1st round draft pick Cole Strange had a pretty hilarious response to being drafted according to his father.

With the 29th pick in the first round, the New England Patriots decided to take Cole Strange, a guard from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, a bit of an odd selection as there were some out there who didn’t value him anywhere near a first-round talent. 

As with most things when it comes to Patriots coach Bill Belichick, he does get some leeway and benefit of the doubt when it comes to the pick, it’s something that comes with the job when you win 6 Super Bowl titles as a head coach.

But that didn’t stop some around the league from making their feelings known about the selection, most notably Sean McVay and Les Snead of the Los Angeles Rams, who were pretty vocal when the news came through to them. 

And if you thought they were taken by surprise by the news that Strange had gone in the first round, so was the player himself.

They weren’t the only ones

His dad recently revealed in an interview with MassLive that Strange didn’t quite believe it when the call came in from the Patriots that he was being selected: 

“(Cole) said, ‘Sir, I don’t mean to be disrespectful at all, but I’ve gotta know because I’ve got some crazy friends. Is this a prank?’ The guy said, ‘Hold on just a second.’ 

The phone was then passed to Belichick to take over the conversation: 

“As soon as I heard Bill Belichick’s voice, Cole and I both started screaming and hugging and acting crazy. Probably saying a bunch of inappropriate stuff. We were so excited.”

Taking an awful big risk

So it’s fair to say that the move certainly surprised plenty of people on draft night, the only question now is whether or not the pick will be worth it, and only time will tell on that front. 

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But you feel that given the reaction, this is a move that simply has to work in order for Belichick to be justified in making it, because there were a lot of talented players that went after him, some of whom could end up making more of an impact in the league and he could end up regretting it further down the line. 

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