Anderson Silva, aged 47, looked incredible with sweet knockdown vs Bruno Machado

Anderson Silva knockdown

There is ageing like a fine wine, and there is ageing like a really fine wine. 

When it comes to Anderson Silva, we are looking at the latter.

The 47-year old went up against Bruno Machado at the “Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore” event in Abu Dhabi, just casually bossing his opponent in another stellar show of athleticism.

In fact, calling it stellar might not suffice, given the science-spurning nature of his display.

He’s three years shy of turning 50, yet the man doesn’t merely look too young, but also, physically, he is right up there.

And it was evident in the way he scored a knockdown, the only knockdown of the affair. It did not prove enough, though, with the final bell having the final say and the exhibition fight ending with no winner.

After the fight, a humble Silva said: “He’s an amazing fighter (Machado).

“He accepted the fight at the last minute. I’m so happy. He gives me the opportunity to move everything for you guys. Thank you for every single person who came today.

“I talked with my jiu-jitsu coach and maybe I fight in a jiu-jitsu tournament [here in Abu Dhabi].”

While a return to Abu Dhabi is likely, likelier could be a fight against Jake Paul.

The YouTuber has already been making a lot of noise and now, as he looks to add more names to his already impressive CV, fighting Silva could well be his next move.

He has added some fuel to this fire already with a cheeky tweet right after Silva’s fight, stating: “I would beat Floyd and Anderson in the same night.” 

Will Silva take the bait, though, is what remains to be seen.

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