Roman Reigns delivering his 'last ever' WWE house show promo

Roman Reigns delivering his 'last ever' WWE house show promo

The once untouchable franchise that is World Wrestling Entertainment has had somewhat of a fall from grace in recent times.

Huge Superstars have departed the WWE in recent years, whether it be on their own accord or instead, they have been forced out by the powers that be.

Roman Reigns is at the fore of the WWE currently, but has previously flirted with a permanent departure.

The flirtations may now be more than that though following his speech at the Sunday Stunner live event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

After beating Scotsman Drew McIntyre in the main event, Reigns very candidly addressed the crowd.

“From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all of ya’ll,” he said, out of character once again.

“I obviously had the internet talking last week or the week before that. I’m not going to be doing too many live events like these, on Sundays, going forward. So, this could be my last one.”

There has been much speculation about how likely this is to be his last live show, stemming back to before he made this comment as he himself alluded to.

The former NFL man signed his first contract with the WWE in 2010 and entered the fray as a villainous character. Reigns, alongside Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, made up The Shield, a fearsome trio that wreaked havoc across the franchise. Stars such as John Cena and Randy Orton had their run-ins with Reigns and co. before they eventually turned on each other.

There has been a back-and-forth nature regarding the triumvirate’s relationship, the culmination of their true friendship being on show when Reigns was out of action once again due to leukaemia.

Back to present day, though, and the Samoan-American heavy-hitter is currently being advertised for the following events; Money in the Bank on July 2, July 22 SmackDown in Boston, and the July 25 Raw at Madison Square Garden.

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