Deontay Wilder tearing apart Mike Tyson's boxing career in brutal 2018 video

Deontay Wilder tearing apart Mike Tyson's boxing career in brutal 2018 video

Having once again lost to Tyson Fury and with the trilogy behind us, it is safe to say that Deontay Wilder isn’t in the conversation for the best heavyweight around.

Despite losing twice to The Gypsy King and getting a controversial draw in his favour too, it is the American who was slagging off an all-time great as opposed to the other way around back in 2018.

A while ago now, Wilder, a.k.a. The Bronze Bomber, spoke in his usual brazen nature on Instagram live about the career of Mike Tyson.

Tyson is, of course, considered to be one of the greatest and most feared stars to ever grace a boxing ring, but the man from Alabama isn’t so convinced.

The topic arose due to Wilder often being compared to Iron Mike. The former didn’t take too kindly to these comparisons, which seems baffling in all honesty.

Wilder exploded, first saying the following: “Half of y’all motherf****** don’t know your history when it comes to this sport of boxing, let’s face it. You do not know your history, you do not know your facts, you don’t know s***.  All you know is what you hear.”

The point of his argument was that the Baddest Man on the Planet faced relatively easy opponents for the most part, avoiding Hall of Famers.

“If you go back, and I want somebody to answer this question for me, how many Hall of Fame fighters did Mike Tyson actually fight?

“How many Hall of Fame fighters did Mike Tyson actually fight? Don’t bring up no Michael Spinks who came from light-heavyweight to heavyweight, that was terrified out of his motherf***ing boots.

“And don’t bring up Larry Holmes because we already know Larry was way past his prime, so how many of them?

“We gonna do all work today goddamn, I’mma take y’all motherf*****s to school because y’all don’t know nothing about what you’re talking about.”

Deontay Wilder tearing apart Mike Tyson's boxing career
Deontay Wilder tearing apart Mike Tyson’s boxing career

Wilder called on his fans to give their input.

Someone replied saying that the only two names worth mentioning were Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis, this being the answer that Wilder was clearly looking for.

“Thank you, thank you. Only two my n***a. Only two, Holyfield beat him twice and Lennox beat him. Only two, so what the f*** y’all talking about?

“You go back and do your f****** history. Everybody else was f****** scared, no Hall of Famers. Only two, only two.

Deontay Wilder tearing apart Mike Tyson's boxing career
SAN REMO, ITALY – MARCH 2: Mike Tyson attends the second day of the San Remo Festival at the Ariston Theatre on March 2, 2005 in San Remo, Italy. The five-day singing competition, organised by Rai Television, has welcomed such stars as Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, and Andrea Boccelli in the past. Last year’s festival was shrouded in controversy because Tony Renis, recently appointed artistic director of the festival, allegedly has close links with the Mafia. An alternative festival, the Mantova Musica Festival, was organised in protest at his appointment. (Photo by Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images)

“So get the f*** out of here. When you come to me, do your facts and research.”

There may be some truth to what Wilder is saying, but that doesn’t take away from what Tyson did achieve.

Equally, the same could be said for Wilder. Beyond his 0-1-2 record against Fury, the next best fighter he fought was maybe Luis Ortiz or Eric Molina.

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