Drake Curse strikes Charles Leclerc at Spanish Grand Prix

Drake Curse strikes Charles Leclerc at Spanish Grand Prix

There is an ongoing phenomenon in the world of sport that has cropped up yet again.

As weird as it sounds, every time Toronto rapper Drake is pictured with a star before a big event, they end up failing to succeed.

Not only is this prevalent in the US sports world, but it has reached Europe too. He is regularly spotted courtside watching his beloved Toronto Raptors, who won their first NBA Championship in 2019, so maybe it doesn’t apply there.

He has taken snaps alongside football stars such as Jadon Sancho, Neymar and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, with all of them going on to then lose big games shortly after. On top of this, both Conor McGregor and Anthony Joshua, who rarely lose, fell victim of the curse. The latter even posted the photo with the caption “Bout to break the curse.” He was not able to do so.

For what is probably the first time, the Drake Curse has come into play in the world of F1.

There is a fierce battle going on for the Drivers’ Championship between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc (Yes, that is correct, Lewis Hamilton is not in the mix).

Verstappen and Leclerc have competed against each other for years now from their karting days all the way up to the crème de la crème that is Formula 1. Their latest encounter went down in Spain and for a long time, the Pole setter Leclerc looked as if he was going to come out on top in Barcelona.

Drake Curse strikes Charles Leclerc at Spanish Grand Prix
Drake Curse strikes Charles Leclerc at Spanish Grand Prix

Whilst Verstappen and Sergio Perez of Red Bull were getting the better of Leclerc’s Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz, it was the Monegasque driver who led the way. Both Sainz and Verstappen had gone off at the same corner due to heavy winds, so Leclerc had a third win of the season firmly in his grasp.

Enter, the Drake Curse.

Drake posted on social media prior to the race revealing that he had lumped a huge sum on Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix. To be precise, his stake was a whopping $230,000 – a bet that was set to return $446,000.

Money isn’t hard to come by for one of the greatest musicians of this generation, but he still would have been licking his lips with the halfway stage of the race approaching.

That was until the Ferrari car started to go very slowly indeed. Cue the explicit radio message from Leclerc, who couldn’t believe his luck.

Engine failure meant he had to retire and practically gift the upper-hand to his counterparts at Red Bull.

Zhou Guanyu in the Alfa Romeo, a team who use the same engine as Ferrari, was also forced to retire with similar issues.

Whilst this prompts worries of there being a wider issue, the Drake Curse lives on and Charles Leclerc will rue that he is the latest victim. Will motorsport continue to be plagued by its existence?

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